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Exploring Your Mind is formed by a team of professionals specialized in health and social areas to ensure the quality, veracity, and scientific accuracy of our content in order to meet our main objectives: Eliminating the stigma about mental health and helping improve the well-being and quality of life of our readers.

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Through our rigorous and thorough screening processes, we ensure that the professionals on our team have adequate training and a strong work history to validate and verify that the information in our articles meets quality standards. Therefore, our team of professionals has extensive and varied psychological and social experience in research and professional fields, both private and public.

Our team of experts verifies the information in all our content to ensure its quality.

Each article is evaluated by our team of professionals before publication to provide up-to-date information that’s backed by science. All our content is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that our readers receive quality information adapted to the latest advances and discoveries in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology.

Associated professionals

Thumb Author Leticia Martín Enjuto

Psychology from the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He has extensive training in Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Professional Work on Neurohappiness and General Health Psychology. Currently, she serves as the professional content supervisor for La Mente es Maravillosa.

Thumb Author Gloria Redondo

Gloria Redondo

Sports psychologist

Graduated in Psychology with a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology and Physical Activity. Since 2018, she has worked as a sports psychologist, especially in grassroots soccer with teams of different categories.

Thumb Author Macarena Liliana Nuñez

Macarena Liliana Nuñez

Psychologist specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Neuropsychology

Graduated in Psychology with specializations in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, ACT and Clinical Neuropsychology. With 8 years of experience in the clinical field, he has published a scientific article and collaborates with digital media such as Terapify and Sana Digital.

Thumb Author Maria Fátima Seppi Vinuales

Maria Fátima Seppi Vinuales

Psychologist and Journalist

Degree in Social Communication and Psychology. María Fátima Seppi Vinuales has work experience in the areas of communication and press in different companies and organizations. Today she works as a clinical psychologist specializing in individual systemic and family therapy.

Thumb Author Martina Estevan Del Carpio

Psychologist, editor, and writer. Martina Estevan Del Carpio obtained a degree in Psychology from the National University of La Plata and, since then, has been trained from a theoretical point of view under a psychoanalytic approach. Since she was a child, she has been interested in writing short stories and novels and is currently exploring a facet as a fiction writer and as an advertising copywriter.

Thumb Author Úrsula Perona

Úrsula Perona


Psychologist and disseminator. She has specialized in clinical psychology and has participated in dozens of congresses and symposiums, as well as collaborations with the media. She's also an internship mentor for different master's degrees and offers her services through her clinic.

Thumb Author Rocio del Pilar Barrios Cadena

Psychiatrist specialized in maternity with an unconventional approach. She has more than 30 years of experience in the area of psychology and psychiatry. She's the founder of the TuAlmaEnCalma project, a therapeutic and training space oriented toward emotional health. She currently resides in New York City, where she served as Consul for Community Assistance.

Thumb Author Sofía Gimbert

Sofía Gimbert


Psychologist and digital marketing expert. She has a Master's Degree in Updating Psychological Intervention and Mental Health from UDIMA and is currently studying a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology from UNIR. She's also a University Specialist in Neuromarketing from UNIR and has collaborated on different projects related to digital marketing.

Thumb Author Sergio Bero

Sergio Bero

Psychologist and Master in Clinical Neuropsychology

Registered Psychologist (M34135), Specialized Relationship Trainer, and Mindfulness Instructor, he disseminates social media about diversity and communication. In his direct contact with adolescents and education professionals, he works on assertiveness and empathy as tools to bring different generations closer together.

Thumb Author Isabel Ortega

Isabel Ortega


Psychologist specialized in legal psychology and behavioral sciences. She has been trained through different courses and programs in forensic psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroeducation, and neuropsychology. She worked as a research assistant in Psychology at the University of Surrey and has collaborated as a summer school children's monitor.

Thumb Author Matias Rizzuto

Matias Rizzuto


Philosopher in training. Matías Rizzuto obtained his degree in Philosophy from the National University of San Martín in 2022. He has worked as a teacher in high schools for adults and as a mentor to university students from the Faculty of Humanities at his alma mater. He has specialized in oriental philosophy and, for the last few years, in writing and editing digital content.

Thumb Author Gorka Jiménez Pajares

Psychologist specialized in addressing mental and behavioral disorders. He has worked as a psychologist in the area of human resources, which lead him to take a master's degree in Occupational Risk Prevention. He currently works in a private practice.

Thumb Author Alicia Yagüe Fernández

Psychologist specializing in general health psychology and family mediation. She has collaborated with the Spanish Red Cross and with institutions such as APROME. She has conducted research visits in domestic and foreign universities. She has also been a speaker at international congresses, a workshop facilitator, and an intervention program volunteer.

Thumb Author Mariana Luque Santoro

Psychologist specialized in general health psychology. She has worked with different psychology cabinets and, since 2019, has been working in her own private practice. She has more than 10 years of experience in psychotherapy with adults, children, and adolescents.

Thumb Author Cristina Calle Guisado

Psychologist trained in neuropsychology. She has worked as a teacher of professional certificates, as well as a counselor and manager of programs for the elderly or those with special needs. She's a contributor to the radio program El Club dels Lletraferits and a contributor to the Fundación Menudos Corazones magazine.

Thumb Author Brigida Higueras Madsen

Psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders and family and couples therapy. Since 2014, she has been working as a clinical psychologist at the Fundación Alcorcón University Hospital. She has worked with various psychology cabinets, among which the Enova Medical Center and the VAIVEN Family Care Center stand out.

Thumb Author Esther Rodriguez

Esther Rodriguez


Psychologist specialized in health psychology, psychosomatic therapy, and couples therapy. She has published more than 30 research articles, participated in national and international conferences, worked as a university professor and tutor, and collaborated with various charities as a volunteer. She's the author of the chapter "The current conceptualization of child sexual abuse" in the book Los gries de mi silencio (2016). She works as a freelance psychologist and as a disseminator.

Thumb Author Leonardo Resano

Leonardo Resano

Social worker

Writer, popularizer, lecturer, and expert in motivation and personal development. He's the author of Navegando por la mente (Navigating through the mind, 2013) and En este momento… (At this moment…, 2017). He has been a professor in the area of social and cultural gerontology and the facilitator of courses, programs, and workshops related to coaching.

Thumb Author Silvia Carrasco

Silvia Carrasco

Social worker

Social worker specialized in mental health, conflict mediation, and judicial expertise. She has extensive academic and professional training in these areas, so she works as a job counselor. She has worked with different institutions and also as a promoter through digital media. She's particularly interested in justice and social intervention.

Thumb Author Rafa Guerrero

Rafa Guerrero


Clinical psychologist specializing in ADHD, behavioral problems, and learning disorders. He's a professor at the Complutense University of Madrid as well as at other universities in education and psychology programs. He's the author of a variety of books, as well as a speaker and researcher. He currently directs Darwin Psychologists, a psychotherapy and counseling service for children, young people, adults, and families.

Thumb Author Marta Bermejo Victoriano

Psychologist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapies and EMDR. She works as a master's professor at the Spanish Association of Cognitive Behavioral Clinical Psychology, as well as a tutor for degree projects for different universities. She has experience and training in the management of personality disorders, couples therapy, and cognitive restructuring. She collaborates with different digital media through an informative facet.

Thumb Author Andrés Navarro Romance

A psychologist specializing in neuropsychology. He currently works as an associate professor at the Open University of Catalonia, as coordinator of socio-health projects and as a disseminator. He has written several research articles, participated in national and international congresses, directed social and family support centers, worked as a clinical psychologist, collaborated in projects to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis in children and young people, and has written and edited articles on health and psychology.

Thumb Author María Prieto

María Prieto


A psychologist specialized in labor orientation. She has focused her career on the personnel selection sector, an area in which she has accumulated more than 20 years of experience. She has collaborated with private companies and with public administration, as well as being a facilitator of programs and workshops related to human resources.

Thumb Author Ana Gorrochategui

Ana Gorrochategui


Psychologist specializing in clinical psychology and sexual and couples therapy. She has worked in different psychology offices and has worked on her own for five years at the Ana G. Echepare Center for Therapeutic Psychology. She currently works as a volunteer and training technician at the Spanish Red Cross.

Thumb Author Judith Francisco

Judith Francisco


Thumb Author Daniela Alós

Daniela Alós


Psychologist specialized in psychoanalysis. She has experience as a child and adult psychotherapist, supervisor of chaos and emergency contexts, and educational and organizational psychology. She's co-founder of Lugar y Lazo and a therapist at Quipu Instituto's Pichón Riviere Service. She also practices her profession in a private practice.

Thumb Author Alejandro Sanfeliciano

A psychologist who specializes in research processes. He is pursuing a doctorate in Psychology at the National University of Distance Education. He has worked as a disseminator, as a private teacher, and as a trainer in the area of human resources.

Thumb Author Bárbara Arenas

Bárbara Arenas


Health psychologist and child sleep specialist. She has extensive experience as a health psychologist in different institutions such as the Gaias Clinics, the Red Madre Association, and the Juan María Center, among others.

Thumb Author Anet Diner Gutverg

Anet Diner Gutverg


Psychologist and psychoanalyst. She has worked as an assistant educator at Montessori Village. Since 2011 she has had her private practice where she cares for children, adolescents, and adults under a psychoanalytic approach.

Thumb Author Adriana Reyes Zendrera

Psychologist, trainer, and director of the Psicoemocionat center. She has specialized in emotion-focused therapies, which she approaches from her own experience as a psychologist and through her training programs. She has worked as a psychologist and researcher in different cabinets and institutions.

Thumb Author Francisco Pérez

Francisco Pérez


General health psychologist. He has worked as a psychopedagogue, a therapist, and as a neuropsychologist. He also has experience as a free-time monitor, a workshop facilitator, and as a promoter. He is currently a psychologist and manager of Supera Clinical Psychology and Health Jaén.

Thumb Author Cristina Tabernero Neira

Psychologist specialized in educational psychology. She's the founder and director of the Psychochild Care Center, which offers different services and programs from a psychological approach during childhood. She has more than 20 years of experience performing her profession.

Thumb Author Alicia Garrido Martín

A psychologist specialized in neuropsychology and psychopedagogy. She has worked in these areas in different centers and institutions, also as a clinical psychologist. She has been a volunteer for different associations and has also collaborated as a promoter. She currently practices his profession in a private practice.

Thumb Author Laura Reguera

Laura Reguera


A clinical psychologist specializing in emotional intelligence and intervention in emotions. She has participated in national and international congresses, and also in volunteer programs of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid. She works as a clinical psychologist in a private practice and as a teacher and tutor at the UNED.

Thumb Author Salva Contreras

Salva Contreras


Psychologist, coach, and facilitator of programs and workshops. Founder of the Women's Leadership School, she currently works as a teaching technician at the Fundació Gentis. Her academic training is very broad, and this revolves around coaching and communication programs (in addition to psychology).

Thumb Author Aida Díaz González

Psychologist specialized in clinical practice and experience in psychology in relation to disability. She has delved into cognitive-behavioral therapies, acceptance and commitment therapies, and solution-focused therapies. She has experience in programs and activities for positive aging and functional rehabilitation.

Thumb Author Lorena Vara González

General health psychologist with more than 7 years of experience in the sector. She has specialized in the training and recruitment of personnel in the hands of human resources. She has experience as a psychologist in residences for the elderly, as a clinical psychologist, and as a disseminator. In the latter, she collaborates with radio programs, print media, and digital media.

Thumb Author Carolina López De Luis

A psychologist specializing in neuropsychology and neurosciences. She has conducted research on Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. She has been a teacher of postgraduate programs, and also a TFM tutor. She currently works as a psychologist and neuropsychologist for several organizations.

Thumb Author Ana Lombard

Ana Lombard

Therapist and stress management specialist

Specialist in managing stress and emotions. She directs the Enlace Center, a space designed to teach people to identify and manage emotions in their favor. She has more than 10 years of experience in her professional practice.

Thumb Author Marcelo R. Ceberio

Marcelo R. Ceberio


Argentine psychologist with extensive academic and professional experience. He has received over a dozen awards, recognitions and scholarships for his contributions and has co-authored and published more than 40 books alone. He is co-founder of the Argentine Systemic School and has held important positions in different universities, and is is currently director of the doctorate in Psychology at the University of Flores.

Thumb Author Isabel Diego Rivas

Isabel Diego Rivas


Health and forensic psychologist. She's a professor in Psychology Department at the European University of the Atlantic. Since 2012, she has offered her psychological therapy services for adults and children, forensic evaluation, and the writing of expert reports. She worked at the Center for Information and Comprehensive Care for Victims of Gender Violence of the Government of Cantabria.

Thumb Author Lorena Sahagún Flores

Psychologist specialized in contextual therapies and in the treatment of people with functional diversity. She works as a residence coordinator in the Junta de Castilla y León.

Thumb Author Álvaro Cabezuelo

Álvaro Cabezuelo


Psychologist and university professor. He completed a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in Adults and a Master's degree in Social Media and Community Manager. His professional career has been oriented towards this last specialization, and he has worked as manager of social networks, associate professor of Marketing and Advertising, and content and communication manager. He also collaborates in programs against Internet bullying.

Thumb Author Violeta Gómez Warletta

Psychologist specialized in sexology and neuropsychology. She has worked with different programs, institutions, and psychology cabinets, and for a couple of years, she has ventured into the field of dissemination. She has explored this last facet as a writer and editor.

Thumb Author Rafa Aragón

Rafa Aragón


Couples therapist and sexologist. He has carried out different projects as a volunteer, including school support for children with difficulties and the facilitation of workshops related to sexuality. His profession also combines it with a facet as a disseminator, and he collaborates as an editor, writer, and content manager for different platforms related to psychology.

Thumb Author Andres Camilo Espinosa Poveda

Psychologist specializing in legal and forensic psychology. Since 2013, he has been working as a recruitment psychologist at the Colombian National Police, where he's in charge of applying cognitive and personality tests, applying critical incident interviews, and issuing reports.

Thumb Author Mario Castaño Casanova

Psychologist and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist. He has specialized in relational psychoanalysis, love addictions, and couple problems. His academic training oscillates between psychology and sexuality.

Thumb Author Juan Ignacio Rodríguez

Psychologist specializing in clinical care and sports psychology. He has more than 10 years of experience in the area of psychology, both in private and public practice. This last facet has been explored through volunteer programs.

Thumb Author Maria Fabregat Giribet

Psychologist specialized in individual psychotherapy and couples therapy. She's also a facilitator of personal growth workshops, as well as awareness and psychoeducation talks. Since 2014, she offers her services as a psychotherapist.

Thumb Author Yolanda Pérez

Yolanda Pérez


Graduate and PhD in Psychology. She has specialized in the field of health psychology and work psychology, both in the teaching and business environment. She has participated in different congresses and scientific publications and has received the CIDAP research prize from the Official College of Psychologists of the Valencian Community. She's currently an associate professor at the University of Alicante.

Thumb Author Beatriz Caballero

Beatriz Caballero


A psychologist specializing in general health psychology and family therapy. She has collaborated with various psychology clinics, as an instructor of mindfulness classes, as a companion in grieving processes, and as a psychotherapist for adults and the elderly. She currently works as a psychologist at CIPIF.

Thumb Author Cristina Martínez de Toda

Neuropsychologist and general health psychologist. She's a volunteer at Psychologists Without Borders and actively collaborates with different outreach spaces. She has worked with different organizations and cabinets, and also offers her services privately.

Thumb Author Laura Llorente

Laura Llorente


Writer, proofreader, and editor. She studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, and has collaborated with important publishers such as Edelvives, Edebé, and SM. She's also a facilitator of writing courses, in addition to publishing reports and press releases in the local media, Limia .

Thumb Author Daniel Baldó Vela

Nurse and university professor. He completed his doctorate in Health Care at the Complutense University of Madrid and works as a professor of Community Nursing I in the Nursing Program at the Alfonso X el Sabio University. He's the director and founder of Plan D, Nutrition and Health, a program focused on promoting wellness through a healthy lifestyle.

Thumb Author Rafael Santandreu

Rafael Santandreu


Psychologist specialized in self-help therapies. His work spans six books, including Shake It Off!: Build Emotional Strength for Daily Happiness (2011), Las gafas de la felicidad: Descubre tu fortaleza emocional (The Glasses of Happiness: Dicsover your emotional strenth, 2014), and Sin miedo (Fearless, 2021). Part of his training was done with the famous psychologist Giorgio Nardone, with whom he worked at the Centro di Asistencia Strategica. He collaborates with various television programs and digital media.

Thumb Author Berta Escobosa

General health psychologist and mental health nurse. She has worked as a nurse at the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital and at the Benito Menni Assistance Complex. She currently works as a health psychologist at Center de Psicologia Origo.

Thumb Author Carlos Santiago

Carlos Santiago


Psychologist and university professor. He obtained a degree in Psychology from the Institute of Higher Studies of Oaxaca, training that he completed with a diploma in Neuropsychology. He works as a private psychologist and as a professor at the University of the Gulf of Mexico.

Thumb Author Cristina Muñoz Morano

Psychologist specialized in coaching and sexology. She has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in her professional practice, during which she has worked as a professional psychologist, an individual, family, and group psychotherapist, a personal growth trainer, a lecturer, and a disseminator. She also collaborates with different media.

Thumb Author Maria Belen Saura

Maria Belen Saura


Psychologist with extensive experience in neuropsychology, clinical psychology, and educational psychology. She has collaborated as a volunteer in mental health programs, the designer of plans for the prevention of substance use in adolescents, a facilitator of workshops on drug addiction, a pedagogical advisor, and as a psychotherapist. She has also participated in congresses and as a disseminator related to her areas of expertise.

Thumb Author María Betancur

María Betancur


Clinical psychologist with more than 13 years of professional experience. She has her own private practice, in which she carries out her therapies based on the cognitive-behavioral model. She has collaborated with government programs, psychiatric clinics, and higher education wellness centers. She has specialized in the management of emotional crises, an area that she has applied to the ex-combatant population of Colombia.

Thumb Author Laura Fuster Sebastián

General health psychologist specialized in therapies with a cognitive-behavioral approach. She has been director of the TFM in the master's degree in General Health Psychology at the International University of Valencia since 2019. She has worked as a disseminator, university professor, monitor of educational projects, speech therapist, and clinical psychologist. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of psychology.

Thumb Author Mª del Carmen González Rivas

Psychologist specialized in family therapy. She works as a trainer in personal development workshops and parenting schools, as well as in socio-educational support programs for children. He has worked as a therapist in individual, couple, and family therapy sessions; also in collaboration with various NGOs. She has participated in dissemination projects in magazines and digital media.

Thumb Author Leonardo Biolatto

A physician with extensive training and experience in family medicine, child sexual abuse, sexual and reproductive health, health promotion, and social development. He has developed projects aimed at the care of vulnerable populations and has also served as a teacher, medical director, pedagogical assistant, and external reviewer of research articles.

Thumb Author Sonia Esquinas Jurado

Health psychologist with 28 years of experience. She's a speaker, writer, and trainer. She's the author of books related to children's sleep and education during childhood. She's also an active collaborator with the media and specialized psychology magazines.

Thumb Author Miguel David Guevara

PhD in Clinical Psychology, USAL Doctorate Extraordinary Award. Since 2012, he has been working as a psychotherapy supervisor trainer at the Center for Clinical Psychology, Group Therapy, and Psychodrama, and has been the coordinator of this center since 2007. He's an associate professor in the area of Personality, Evaluation, and Psychological Treatment at the University of Salamanca.

Thumb Author Manuel Antonio Fernández

Neuropediatrician specialized in learning and behavior. He's the founder and director of the Andalusian Institute of Pediatric Neurology. He works as an evaluator of educational projects for the Junta de Andalucía, a teacher in the Higher Program in Business Administration and Management in the Health Sector, and is director of the Master's Degree in Neuropaediatrics and Neurodevelopment Program and the Master's Degree in Neuroscience Program at CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

Thumb Author Tais Pérez

Tais Pérez


Director and psychologist at PsicoSalud. Has more than 12 years of experience in clinical psychology, in adults, couples, families, children, and adolescents. She's a mentor for clinical psychology professional internships in the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology program at the UNED and at the VIU.

Thumb Author Airam Vadillo Larios

Psychologist specialized in mental health management. He has more than 10 years of experience working in medical and humanitarian organizations, initially aimed at emergency contexts. He has field experience in situations of displacement, sexual violence, missing persons, and torture. He has been a delegate of the MHPSS in Yemen, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Thumb Author Rocío García Garzón

Psychologist specialized in third generation therapies. She has also done theoretical and practical training in systematic therapy, clinical psychology, personal development, coaching, dolphin therapy, personal change management, and talent management. She has worked providing out-of-school support to children and adolescents, as a researcher and speaker on scientific projects, in psychological support sessions for patients with chronic illnesses, and as a clinical psychologist.

Thumb Author Elena Sanz

Elena Sanz


A psychologist specializing in clinical psychology and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Her expertise revolves around individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. She works as a freelance psychologist and continues to expand her training in order to bring psychological well-being closer to people who require it.

Thumb Author Alberto Álamo

Alberto Álamo


A psychologist specialized in sexology. He has worked as a university professor in the subject of Psychology of Sexuality at the Miguel de Cervantes European University. He has also worked with minors and groups at potential risk of exclusion, as well as therapeutic coordinator for online psychology programs.

Thumb Author José Padilla

José Padilla


Clinical psychologist interested in education and philosophical practices. He has worked as a clinical psychologist for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, in the context of designing models, strategies and programs aimed at improving the well-being of patients and their families. He is an active researcher at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a university where he is also pursuing a master's degree in Education.

Thumb Author Angela C. Tobias

Angela C. Tobias


A general health psychologist with experience as a group leader and as a psychopedagogue. She has worked as a counselor, as a speech therapist, as a clinical psychologist and as a school psychologist. She currently works as a freelance psychologist in a private practice.

Thumb Author Cristian Muñoz Escobar

Clinical psychologist also specialized in linguistics, philosophy and pedagogy. He has been interested in psycholinguistics, so he has ventured into this area at a theoretical and practical level. It studies the human subject in relation to society and language, all with the aim of obtaining a holistic view of it.

Thumb Author Cristina Roda Rivera

Psychologist with extensive experience in outreach, counseling, and psychological research. She has led various groups and workshops related to psychological well-being, and has even co-authored a book on third-generation therapies. She has also worked as an educator, collaborator and coordinator in many projects.

Thumb Author Guillermo Bisbal

Guillermo Bisbal


Anthropologist studying the Master of Arts in Comparative History at the Central European University. He has been a research assistant, congress coordinator, author of anthropology studies and content editor for different digital media.

Thumb Author Maria Alejandra Morgado Cusati

Philosopher and student of Clinical Psychology. She works as a professor at the Central University of Venezuela. She has been interested at a theoretical level in psychoanalysis and the logical foundations of mathematics.

Thumb Author Paula Villasante

Paula Villasante


A psychologist specializing in applied neurosciences. She has worked with a variety of institutions as a volunteer, among which we find the Spanish Red Cross. She has been a voluntary monitor, a psychiatrist's assistant, and an English class teacher. She is currently exploring her career as a professional writer.

Thumb Author Ana Couñago Sobral

A psychologist specialized in psychopedagogy. She has led several courses related to the management of emotions in children and neurodevelopmental disorders. She has also worked together with institutions and organizations as a psychopedagogue, with an accumulated experience of more than five years. She has also developed research projects and articles in her field of specialization.

Thumb Author Laura Ruiz Mitjana

Laura Ruiz Mitjana


Psychologist specialized in childhood and adolescence. She has worked as a child psychologist and her work has focused on neurodevelopmental disorders. Her work as a psychologist is complemented by her vocation as a writer. His first book was published in 2018 through Círculo Rojo Editorial.

Thumb Author Juan Pablo Quintero Macias

Psychologist specializing in educational processes. He has worked as a research assistant, educational psychologist, designer of educational programs, and freelance journalist. He has also developed a career as a writer, with an emphasis on poems and short stories.

Thumb Author Francisco Roballo

Francisco Roballo


Psychologist specialized in neuropsychology. He has worked as a clinical psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist, academic advisor, psychopedagogue, psychological assistant and as a disseminator. It explores this last facet through its MasterClass project and through talks and congresses at a national and international level.

Thumb Author Sara González Juárez

Psychologist with specialization in comparative psychology. Through the investigations in the latter, she has become interested in ethology, and has also been trained in animal psychology. She has obtained diplomas in these areas and has worked professionally in various institutions.

Thumb Author Adriana Díez

Adriana Díez


A psychologist specialized in emotional well-being in adolescents. She has conducted research on suicidal behavior in young people, also in the processes of addiction. She is currently a contracted teacher at the University of La Rioja.

Thumb Author Laura Gómez Domínguez

Educational psychologist trained in new learning and teaching techniques. She has worked as a youth facilitator, language teacher, early childhood educator, leisure monitor, and mentor for school accompaniment. She's currently studying a Master's Degree in Equality and Gender at the University of Malaga.

Thumb Author Andrea Pérez

Andrea Pérez


Psychologist specialized in third generation therapies and in the cognitive-behavioral model. She currently works in her private practice, although she has extensive experience collaborating as a psychologist for mental health centers and institutions. She also works as a writer and editor of articles related to the dissemination of her discipline.

Thumb Author Juan Fernández

Historian graduated from the University of Oviedo. Occasionally, he carries out activities as a cathedral guide in Oviedo, thanks to his training in this area at the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

Thumb Author Roberto Muelas Lobato

Psychologist and researcher at the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies. He has specialized at a theoretical and practical level in the analysis of group attitudes among religious groups. He has also explored lines of research such as political and cultural violence and radicalization processes. He has published several articles related to these topics, participated in national and international congresses and collaborated as a volunteer for programs that help migrants.

Thumb Author Cristina Girod de la Malla

A psychologist specializing in psychological intervention in periods of crisis. She worked with the General Council of Psychology of Spain in psychological care during the 2020 pandemic. She has carried out volunteer work in associations working with patients with Alzheimer's disease. She currently works with digital media, writing and editing content related to psychology.

Thumb Author Yurdey Fernanda Herran Murillo

Clinical psychologist and student of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She has experience in research projects, volunteering, and as a therapeutic companion with a psychoanalytic orientation. She also works as a writer for digital media and as a facilitator of workshops related to academic writing.

Thumb Author Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Web director of the digital webzine La Mente es Maravillosa. In it, she performs editing, writing, and content management tasks. She has extensive training and experience in psychology, and gives talks and workshops related to her specialties. She is the co-author of Put a heart to your brain (2020) and author of Now is your moment. Keys to heal and be happy (2022).

Thumb Author Leticia Aguilar Iborra

A psychologist specialized in grief and acceptance therapies. She has extensive academic training in psychology and has worked as a volunteer in different organizations and institutions that help patients with chronic diseases. She currently works as a psychologist in her private practice and collaborates with digital media as a writer and editor for mental health and wellness.

Thumb Author Sara Clemente

Sara Clemente

Psychologist and journalist

A psychologist with training in child and adolescent therapy, family therapy, and systemic therapy. She also has trained as a journalist, so he has extensive experience in the area of communication. She currently works as a health psychologist and as an editor and writer for media related to psychology and health.

Thumb Author Laura Rodríguez

Laura Rodríguez


A psychologist specialized in psychotherapy for adults and adolescents. She is co-director of Crea Equilibrio, a psychology clinic that offers services both in person and online. She has worked using the systemic integrative approach, in such a way that she has ventured into it at both a theoretical and practical level. She also collaborates as a promoter for different digital media.

Thumb Author Raquel Beneito Vilaplana

Psychologist specialized in counseling and emotional dependency. She has worked as a clinical psychologist, social integrator, volunteer in intervention programs, researcher, psychotherapist, and disseminator. She has participated in national and international congresses and collaborates as a writer and editor of psychology articles for different media and digital platforms.

Thumb Author Saúl Sánchez

Saúl Sánchez


Clinical nutritionist. He has worked with sports institutions, with centers for the control of eating disorders and in university hospitals. He is the author of the book How to die young as late as possible (2020) and is currently a contributor to platforms and magazines related to nutrition and wellness.

Thumb Author Francisco Javier Molas López

A psychologist specialized in neuropsychology. She has done theoretical training in multiple intelligences, gender violence, and emotional management of difficult situations (diseases and disasters). He has been working as a psychologist in his private office since 2018, a time in which he also explores a facet as a disseminator collaborating with traditional and digital media.

Thumb Author Bernardo Peña Herrera

A psychologist specialized in clinical psychology and forensic psychology. He is a professor in the Master's degree in Forensic Psychology at the Isabel I University, at the end of which he collaborates with different media. He has been an international speaker, trainer, clinical psychologist, and writer. He is the author of three books and co-author of one more. He has published several research articles on lines that interweave psychology, symbology, and mythology.

Thumb Author Alicia Escaño Hidalgo

A psychologist specialized in the treatment of patients with addictions. She is affiliated with the Albert Ellis Institute in New York and is a freelance psychologist with over 8 years of experience. She has worked for various clinics with group and individual consultations, in health promotion programs, and as a facilitator of talks and workshops.

Thumb Author Sara Viruega

Sara Viruega


A pharmacist specializing in psychopharmacology. She has completed a variety of specialization studies, courses, and workshops to extend her degree in Pharmacy from the University of Salamanca. She has accumulated more than 6 years of experience in the sector, an activity that she combines with her role as a promoter for different digital platforms.

Thumb Author Ebiezer López

Ebiezer López


A psychologist who specializes in human behavioral guidance. He writes for different digital platforms related to mental health, where he works as a writer and editor. He offers his private consultations as an online psychologist and is also a human rights activist in his country, Venezuela.

Thumb Author Julia Marquez Arrico

A psychologist specialized in clinical psychology. She is a professor at the International University of Valencia and at the Barcelona Institute of Clinical Psychology. She has worked as a business coach, a researcher, a disseminator, and as a content writer related to her area of specialization.

Thumb Author María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Psychologist specialized in clinical psychoanalysis and neuroscience. His lines of research revolve around the relationship between psychoanalysis and art, so his area of interest is cultural psychology. She is a professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra and a doctoral student in Neuroscience at the University of Salamanca.

Thumb Author Ángel Redondo

Ángel Redondo


Thumb Author Raquel Aldana

Raquel Aldana


Psychologist trained at a theoretical and practical level in emotional psychology, third generation therapies and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She has worked as a teacher in different universities. Her interest is clinical psychology, although she also deals with other facets such as communication, outreach, and research. She offers psychological counseling to children, youth and families.

Thumb Author Fátima Servián Franco

A general health psychologist specialized in body dissatisfaction treatments. She is the director of the Renacer Psychology Center and a professor at the International University of Valencia. She has participated in several investigations and congresses related to his training area.

Thumb Author Loreto Martín Moya

General health psychologist. She has experience in different psychology cabinets working as a therapist, supporting projects to assist families in conflict situations, comprehensive support for people with mental health disorders, individual and group intervention, and as a clinical psychologist under a virtual modality. She has also participated as a volunteer in several social programs.

Thumb Author Marián Carrero Puerto

A psychologist specialized in mindfulness. She is a psychologist specializing in mindfulness at the Renacer Psychology Center and a postgraduate professor at the International University of Valencia. She has collaborated with research projects, international congresses, workshops, and talks and as a disseminator through articles for web media.

Thumb Author Sergio De Dios González

Content editor and proofreader at La Mente es Maravillosa. Bachelor of Psychology and expert in data processing and research methodologies. He also works as an undergraduate and postgraduate thesis advisor.

Thumb Author Isabel Monzonís Hinarejos

Psychologist specializing in educational psychology. She works as a counselor in educational centers, in addition to exploring a facet as a disseminator through online and printed training content. Since 2020, she has been working at the Valencian Community Education Council.

Thumb Author Montse Armero

Montse Armero


Clinical psychologist with extensive academic and professional experience. She has worked as a psycho-pedagogical counselor, teacher, clinical psychologist, trainer and team manager, coach, and content creator. She's a facilitator of courses, talks, and workshops, and currently offers her services as a clinical psychologist both in person and online.

Thumb Author Leah Padalino

Leah Padalino

Film review

Hispanic philologist with studies in Fantastic Film and Contemporary Fiction. Leah Padalino has conducted several workshops, seminars, and courses aimed at broadening her understanding of film and literature. These two artistic categories include his two greatest passions, which are also complemented by his love of writing.

Thumb Author María Paula Rojas

María Paula Rojas


Neuropsychologist specialized in cognitive stimulation. She has worked with institutions conducting neuropsychological evaluations for children, youth, and adults. She also has her private office, in which she carries out evaluations and reports related to her area of specialization. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the University of Salamanca.

Thumb Author María José Roldán

María José Roldán


Therapeutic pedagogue and psychopedagogue. Although she has worked in these areas after obtaining a university degree, over the last decade, she has focused on the field of dissemination. She has collaborated as a writer, editor, coordinator, and specialist for digital magazines and web pages on topics related to her training.

Thumb Author María Vélez

María Vélez


Psychologist specialized in neuroscience. She is co-director of the postgraduate course in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Almería, where she is also a visiting professor. She has published various scientific papers related to her area of training, as well as stays at foreign universities. Her lines of interest currently revolve around advertising, neuromarketing, and the psychology of communication.

Thumb Author Valeria Sabater

Valeria Sabater


Valeria Sabater has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia (2004). She has extensive training and experience in areas such as psychological well-being, emotional disorders, emotional intelligence, and social psychology. She combines her work as a psychologist with writing, an area in which she has been awarded two prizes.