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Mariana Luque Santoro


Psychologist specialized in general health psychology. She has worked with different psychology cabinets and, since 2019, has been working in her own private practice. She has more than 10 years of experience in psychotherapy with adults, children, and adolescents.

About the author

Degree in Psychology from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (2011). Master's Degree in Health Psychology and Clinical Practice from the Comillas Pontifical University (2014), a house of studies where she also studied for her Master's Degree in General Health Psychology. Specialist in Gender Violence from the University Institute of Dynamic Psychology PsicoEspacio.

She worked as a psychologist at UE Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima (Caracas), the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital , the FUNDHAINFA Assistance Center, Pinto Family Meeting Point, Norte Joven Organization, etc. She's currently in the Psicoarganzuela Center.

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