Thumb Author Sergio Bero

Sergio Bero

Psychologist and Master in Clinical Neuropsychology

Registered Psychologist (M34135), Specialized Relationship Trainer, and Mindfulness Instructor, he disseminates social media about diversity and communication. In his direct contact with adolescents and education professionals, he works on assertiveness and empathy as tools to bring different generations closer together.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Deusto in 1999, he has varied training, among which we highlight a Master's Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology, a Specialization in Contextual Therapies, a Certificate in Strengths Coaching, and an Advanced Studies Diploma in Creativity Psychology.

He is part of the support area of the organization It Gets Better, promoting diverse psychoeducation against any type of harassment. Likewise, he belongs to the research group of the Canadian foundation International Network on Personal Meaning and is a member of the APA .

Specialized in anxiety treatments and sexual-affective ties, he currently divides his time between private practice and teaching psycho-pedagogical orientation workshops in HEIs and Baccalaureate Centers aimed at both students and teachers.

Passionate about art, cinema, and the Eurovisual world, he has published two fiction books: "La calma lucha" and "Cierto que mentio".