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Juan Pablo Quintero Macias


Psychologist specializing in educational processes. He has worked as a research assistant, educational psychologist, designer of educational programs, and freelance journalist. He has also developed a career as a writer, with an emphasis on poems and short stories.

About the author

Graduate in Psychology with an emphasis on philosophy and research methodologies from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2021).

Poet and writer, he took courses at the Casa de Poesía Silva in the city of Bogotá and has published a couple of poems in the literary creation magazine 20/20 of the Faculty of Literary Studies of the Javeriana University. His professional career ranges from psychosocial intervention in communities and educational institutions to therapeutic intervention through narrative methods, writing the biography of an older adult, Apuntes de un gregario, in 2019.

In addition, he has had the opportunity to learn about the implementation process of the Truth Commission, within the framework of the implementation of the Peace Agreements signed with the FARC (2016). He has collaborated by reporting and writing in magazines such as Diners. He has collaborated as a research assistant, independent journalist, designer of educational processes, and educational psychologist. He's currently working on a collection of stories where reality and fantasy are confused.

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