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Ebiezer López


A psychologist who specializes in human behavioral guidance. He writes for different digital platforms related to mental health, where he works as a writer and editor. He offers his private consultations as an online psychologist and is also a human rights activist in his country, Venezuela.

About the author

He graduated in Clinical Psychology from the Arturo Michelena University (2020). He is currently studying to access the M aster's degree in Behavioral Guidance at the Center for Psychiatric and Sexological Research of Venezuela.

He was the winner of the I Collection of Stories for Pride Month in the United States Embassy in Caracas (2017). In addition, he participated as a speaker at the Research Conference on Social Sciences organized by the Research Center of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the UAM (2021). He has also collaborated with local radio programs as an expert on mental health issues.

He currently works as a private psychologist offering online therapy. He is fond of writing, research, clinical psychology, and neuroscience, which has led him to work as a writer and editor for digital platforms related to these topics. He is a human rights activist in Venezuela Igualitaria, and is also interested in social action.

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