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Laura Rodríguez


A psychologist specialized in psychotherapy for adults and adolescents. She is co-director of Crea Equilibrio, a psychology clinic that offers services both in person and online. She has worked using the systemic integrative approach, in such a way that she has ventured into it at both a theoretical and practical level. She also collaborates as a promoter for different digital media.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Huelva (2013). She has a Master's degree in Clinical Supervision in Relational Psychotherapy from the Center for Permanent Training of the University of Seville (2018). She has followed Continuous Training programs in Updating and Supervision of Cases in this University. In addition, she is a specialist in Gender Violence from the University of Nebrija and a specialist in Contextual Therapies from the Institute of Contextual Psychology in Madrid. Collegiate number AN08673.

She dedicates her professional life to face-to-face therapy, in consultation, and online. She works with individuals, families and couples. Her therapeutic approach is integrative, mainly systemic, including the environment and the importance of the relational bonds that people form. In addition to exercising her practice in private, she also collaborates as a disseminator by writing and editing articles on psychology and personal development.

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