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Cristian Muñoz Escobar


Clinical psychologist also specialized in linguistics, philosophy and pedagogy. He has been interested in psycholinguistics, so he has ventured into this area at a theoretical and practical level. It studies the human subject in relation to society and language, all with the aim of obtaining a holistic view of it.

About the author

Bachelor of Psychology (2018) and a D iploma in Pedagogy for Non-Graduate Professionals (2019) from the Luis Amigó Catholic University. He attended various seminars and workshops at the same university and participated in the Congress of Neuropsychopedagogy (2018).

Since 2016, he has been working as a writer, economist, philosopher, and linguist. He has been a speaker at the Open Chair version XXXIV: The concept of trauma in Freud and its application in the context of the war in Colombia (2016) at the San Buenaventura University. He practices as an independent clinical psychologist with an emphasis on emotional intelligence, behavioral disorders, domestic violence, and alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution.

He audited, typed, and diagrammed the Spelling book. Phonological, phonetic, grammatical, syntactic, logical, metapsycholinguistic and stylistic foundations of the orthography of the Castilian language, by Horacio Barrios Hernández. He was co-editor of Obsesión (2021), a novel by Carmelo Ruiz Posada, and of Uroboros . Future history of the world (2018), a novel by Luis E. Uribe. He also diagrammed and typed Leonardo Da Vinci. The shadows of the future (2018), by Luis E. Uribe, and Anecdotes and methodology, Pedagogical memories by Efraín Ospino Piñeres (2016-2017).

He spends his spare time studying classical literature, poetry, and the philosophy of Kant, as well as an interest in meditation and physical exercise.

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