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Loreto Martín Moya


General health psychologist. She has experience in different psychology cabinets working as a therapist, supporting projects to assist families in conflict situations, comprehensive support for people with mental health disorders, individual and group intervention, and as a clinical psychologist under a virtual modality. She has also participated as a volunteer in several social programs.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2018). He completed his training with a Master's degree in General Health Psychology from this same university (2020).

She has worked as a therapist in different psychology clinics, including the Center for Applied Psychology of the UAM and the Center for Psychology Bertrand Russell. She collaborated with the GINSO Association in assisting families in conflict with adolescent children. She also worked as a health psychologist at the AFEM Association.

In addition, she has combined her training and her work as a psychologist with the writing of popular novels and articles. Moreover, she has participated in various volunteer activities, such as the Hospital La Paz (Madrid) with hospitalized children and the program with families at risk of social exclusion. She has work experience as a psychologist in anxiety disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, emotional dependency, assertiveness, and social and sexual skills from a cognitive-behavioral model. She currently works as a clinical and health psychologist at IFeel, an online psychological help platform.

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