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Sara González Juárez


Psychologist with specialization in comparative psychology. Through the investigations in the latter, she has become interested in ethology, and has also been trained in animal psychology. She has obtained diplomas in these areas and has worked professionally in various institutions.

About the author

Holds a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid (2014) and has specialized in Cognitive and Comparative Psychology. Her areas of research are cognitive psychology, animal psychology, and neuropsychology. He has also been trained in the educational branch through studies to develop anti-bullying programs.

She has experience in observational and experimental research thanks to her participation in the projects Prosocial behaviors in childhood and Study of the social system of New World Primates together with the GECAH, in the Department of Psychobiology of the UCM. With these origins in comparative psychology, she began to delve into animal behavior.

She currently specializes in disseminating ethological issues, always under the premise that mutual understanding leads to good coexistence, justice, and liberation, both for humans and animals. Transforming scientific knowledge into accessible information for everyone is the best tool to establish links between all of us.

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