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Andrea Pérez


Psychologist specialized in third generation therapies and in the cognitive-behavioral model. She currently works in her private practice, although she has extensive experience collaborating as a psychologist for mental health centers and institutions. She also works as a writer and editor of articles related to the dissemination of her discipline.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of the Basque Country (2013). She is accredited as an expert in Third Generation Therapies by the University of Almería (2018) and as a specialist in Contextual Therapies by the same institution (2021). She has also trained at the Therapeutic Institute of Madrid in Functional Analysis.

He has worked in different associations and centers dedicated to people's mental health. Her collaboration as a psychologist stands out for the CAIDIS La Atalaya Center, the Ribera Medical Assistance Center, and ANASAPS. She worked for more than five years as a general health psychologist in a care center for people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and behavioral disorders.

Currently, Andrea Pérez runs her private psychology practice where she carries out face-to-face and online psychological therapy for adults, couples, and children and adolescents. She also collaborates with online therapy platforms where she mainly addresses adults. He has specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy and third-generation therapies. She also works as a writer and editor of digital media related to psychology.

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