Thumb Author Mario Castaño Casanova

Mario Castaño Casanova


Psychologist and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist. He has specialized in relational psychoanalysis, love addictions, and couple problems. His academic training oscillates between psychology and sexuality.

About the author

Degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca (2012). Master's Degree in Clinical Sexuality from the University of Valencia (2017). Training in Psychoanalysis by the Institute of Psychoanalytic Orientation Psychotherapy and Anthropology (IPSA).

He was trained in Valencia by different professionals such as Dr. Guerra Cid (Doctor in Psychology and expert in psychosomatic and health psychology, with more than 20 years of success in the field of psychotherapy) and Dr. Jiménez (Doctor in Psychology , specialized in fields such as neuroscience, disability, and teaching, with more than 20 years of success in the field of psychotherapy).

He has specialized in recent years in relational psychoanalysis, with an emphasis on love addictions and couple problems. He has also explored informative facets.