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Alicia Escaño Hidalgo


A psychologist specialized in the treatment of patients with addictions. She is affiliated with the Albert Ellis Institute in New York and is a freelance psychologist with over 8 years of experience. She has worked for various clinics with group and individual consultations, in health promotion programs, and as a facilitator of talks and workshops.

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Graduated in Psychology from the University of Malaga (2011). She has a Master's degree in Behavioral Therapy and Health from the National University of Distance Education (2015) and a postgraduate degree in Rational Emotive Therapy from Dr. Ellis at the Institut Ret in Barcelona with professors such as Walter Riso and Leonor Lega. (2015-2016). Collegiate number: AO07644

She took various courses on self-esteem, social skills and stress control techniques. She's qualified as a general health psychologist and has specialized in addictions. She worked at the Trinidad Health Center in Malaga conducting individual and group consultations for patients with addictions, as well as workshops and talks on health promotion in schools, institutes, and companies.

In the workplace, she was the medical director at a Medical Examination Center in Malaga (Clínicas Rincón SL). She has worked in various private clinics and currently works as a psychotherapist in her own private practice in Malaga.

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