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Cristina Roda Rivera


Psychologist with extensive experience in outreach, counseling, and psychological research. She has led various groups and workshops related to psychological well-being, and has even co-authored a book on third-generation therapies. She has also worked as an educator, collaborator and coordinator in many projects.

About the author

Cristina Roda Rivera has a degree in Psychology from the University of Almería (2008). She also has a Master's degree in Psychological Intervention in Justice, Health and Social Welfare from the University of Córdoba (UCO) and a PIR master's degree at APIR Academy. In 2010, she carried out several internships in various health centers in Córdoba, among which her position as a psychologist for the Provincial Institute of Social Welfare of Córdoba stands out.

She worked as a psychologist and health educator at Asociación Emet Arcoiris and as coordinator of psychologists at Menteágil. Between the years 2017-2018, she was a psychologist and trainer for children's schools (Barcelona, company Talkabout). She has also worked as a clinical psychologist for the Spanish-speaking community in Paris and has extensive experience directing projects and activities related to senile dementia and cognitive well-being.

He has directed therapy groups and workshops aimed at people involved with drugs and various psychological problems. Along with the psychologist José Olid, he wrote a book on third-generation therapies. Currently, he directs a project @psicotiadanas, an initiative aimed at outreach and psychological counseling for the resolution of interpersonal problems.

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