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Roberto Muelas Lobato


Psychologist and researcher at the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies. He has specialized at a theoretical and practical level in the analysis of group attitudes among religious groups. He has also explored lines of research such as political and cultural violence and radicalization processes. He has published several articles related to these topics, participated in national and international congresses and collaborated as a volunteer for programs that help migrants.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Salamanca (2012). He has a Master's degree in Social Intervention Psychology (2013) and a doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Granada (2019). He also has the title of Expert in Intelligence Analysis from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2019) and a Specialization Diploma in Analysis of Jihadist Terrorism, Insurgencies, and Radical Movements from the Pablo de Olavide University (2019). He is the author and co-author of a variety of scientific articles published in impact journals such as Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Social Psychology, and International Humanities Studies. He is a regular attendee at national and international conferences on psychology, sociology, and anthropology. He participates in other lines of research related to identity in pilgrimages and the psychosocial aspects of fake news and post-truth in relation to economic inequality. He is currently a researcher at the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies and a disseminator through different digital spaces.

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