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Silvia Carrasco

Social worker

Social worker specialized in mental health, conflict mediation, and judicial expertise. She has extensive academic and professional training in these areas, so she works as a job counselor. She has worked with different institutions and also as a promoter through digital media. She's particularly interested in justice and social intervention.

About the author

Graduated in Social Work from the University of Zaragoza (2014). She has a postgraduate degree in Forensic Sciences for Social Workers from the National Distance Education University (2016) and a Master's Degree in Social Work in Mental Health from his alma mater (2017). In this house of studies, he was also trained in the Professional Course in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (2015). Aragon collegiate number: 2739.

She has collaborated on several occasions with the Heraldo de Aragón and Heraldo de Aragón Joven . She has worked as a social worker and teacher in various areas. She has collaborated with the Dolores Sopeña Foundation, the Professional College of Social Work of Aragon, and with the YMCA Spain, among other organizations.

She currently works as a job counselor. She mediates the job search of the applicants, at the end of which she prepares them for the labor market through the improvement of their personal and professional tools. She's interested in social justice, mental health, and social and labor intervention .