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Laura Llorente


Writer, proofreader, and editor. She studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, and has collaborated with important publishers such as Edelvives, Edebé, and SM. She's also a facilitator of writing courses, in addition to publishing reports and press releases in the local media, Limia .

About the author

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona in 2009. Master's Degree in spelling and style editing from the UOC. She has collaborated as an author with important publishers such as SM, Edelvives, and Edebè, and educational platforms including DigiSchool. She has been teaching creative writing courses since 2018 and has been writing for eight years and editing for two.

As a writer, she has collaborated with the philosophical magazine “Gárgola vacas”, the fan magazine “La Plaquette”, and the blog “Tierra Editorial”.

Writer of advertorials for the local newspaper “Dende a Limia”. She's in charge of managing the Xinzo de Limia City Council website and preparing press releases for the town.

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