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Salva Contreras


Psychologist, coach, and facilitator of programs and workshops. Founder of the Women's Leadership School, she currently works as a teaching technician at the Fundació Gentis. Her academic training is very broad, and this revolves around coaching and communication programs (in addition to psychology).

About the author

Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. International Expert Master in Coaching from the European Institute of Coaching (2015). Master in Emotional Intelligence–Practitioner in PNC (Neurocalligraphic Programming) from the Kimmon Institute (2015). Master in Communication from the University of Barcelona and the EAE Business School. Postgraduate in Mediation from ISEP. Fundamental Coaching Skills by TISOC.

She has worked as an academic guidance psychologist for the “Full de ruta” program at the Barcelona Provincial Council, where she also worked as a psychologist and coach in the “Maleta de las Familias” (Family Suitcase) Educational Guidance Program.

She currently works as a pedagogical technician at Fundació Gentis, and as an independent professional in the area of emotional management and professional change. She has also explored an informative facet as a writer and editor of articles related to psychology.