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Berta Escobosa


General health psychologist and mental health nurse. She has worked as a nurse at the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital and at the Benito Menni Assistance Complex. She currently works as a health psychologist at Center de Psicologia Origo.

About the author

Graduated in Nursing from the University of Barcelona (2014). She also has a degree in Dramatic Art from the Nancy Tuñón School and a degree in Psychology from the Blanquerna Ramon Llull University (2018). In this house of studies, she also completed a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology.

She worked as a nurse in the area of mental health at the Benito Menni Assistance Complex, a job she also did at the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital.

She collaborated as a general health psychologist at the Koan Center Integral Psychology, and since 2019 has worked at the Origo Psychology Center.