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Macarena Liliana Nuñez

Psychologist specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Neuropsychology

Graduated in Psychology with specializations in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, ACT and Clinical Neuropsychology. With 8 years of experience in the clinical field, he has published a scientific article and collaborates with digital media such as Terapify and Sana Digital.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) in 2014, this professional has continued her training and obtained specializations in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy , Clinical Neuropsychology and is pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology with a focus on Applied Cognitive Neuroscience .

In addition, she has completed courses in intervention in violence and sexual abuse, emotional dysregulation, deficits in impulse control, obesity, overweight, eating disorders, Psychocardiology, ACT Therapy and Mindfulness, among other approach models. He has also published a scientific article in the journal Neurology Argentina of the Argentine Neurological Society.

With 8 years of experience, she has worked as a psychotherapist in private and government institutions in Buenos Aires, and currently practices in Colombia. She collaborates with media outlets such as Terapify and Sana Digital, and enjoys practicing yoga and mindfulness. His interest in phytomedicine stands out as a tool to improve mental health.

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