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Airam Vadillo Larios


Psychologist specialized in mental health management. He has more than 10 years of experience working in medical and humanitarian organizations, initially aimed at emergency contexts. He has field experience in situations of displacement, sexual violence, missing persons, and torture. He has been a delegate of the MHPSS in Yemen, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

About the author

Degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca (2012). Collegiate number: CL-3644, Castilla y León, Spain; Senescyt registry, Ecuador. Graduate in Nursing from the University of Valladolid (2007).

Master's degree in Applied Clinical Psychology for Adults, Children, and Adolescents from the Higher Institute of Psychology Alborán (2012). Official Master's Degree in Research Applied to Education (University of Valladolid, Spain; 2012-2013). Masters in International Cooperation (2017).

His beginnings in Mental Health began in 2007 as a nurse at the Lafora Psychiatric Hospital in Madrid; Santa Caterina, Girona; Benito Menni, Valladolid. Since 2013, he has been working as a Psychologist in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action.

He carried out several interventions, among which we can highlight the following:

Intervention in the Ebola emergency in Sierra Leone ( Doctors of the World, 2015), Mental Health in the Juba State Prison and Psychiatric Hospital of South Sudan (2016) with Handicap International, and Mental Health project coordinator in Ramtha, Jordan for the Syrian refugee population with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) (August 2017 – May 2018).

Since 2017, he has been offering online psychology services. You can visit his website.