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María José Roldán


Therapeutic pedagogue and psychopedagogue. Although she has worked in these areas after obtaining a university degree, over the last decade, she has focused on the field of dissemination. She has collaborated as a writer, editor, coordinator, and specialist for digital magazines and web pages on topics related to her training.

About the author

Graduated as a Special Education Teacher (Therapeutic Pedagogy) from the University of Barcelona (2008) and graduated in Psychopedagogy from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2012). Collegiate number: 989/44881195.

She has taken several courses, including Montessorizate (2016), Being More Creative (2013), Emotional Education Technician (2011), Drawing the Family as a Diagnostic Tool (2011), and others.

She has worked as a teacher in the area of Special Education and educational psychologist. In addition, she has explored an informative facet of her work as editor, coordinator, and editor of different web pages and digital magazines.

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