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Ana Couñago Sobral


A psychologist specialized in psychopedagogy. She has led several courses related to the management of emotions in children and neurodevelopmental disorders. She has also worked together with institutions and organizations as a psychopedagogue, with an accumulated experience of more than five years. She has also developed research projects and articles in her field of specialization.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) in 2016., with a Master's degree in Special Educational Needs from the University of Deusto (2017).

She has completed a Course in Early Intervention (Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centers, 2018) and a Multisensory Classroom Course in Special Education (Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centers, 2019).

She has also published an article for the journal of the Biscay Official College of Psychology. She is the author of an e-learning course on attention to students with high intelligence. In addition, she has collaborated with various associations, centers, and schools carrying out psychopedagogical work. Since 2017, she has been working as a psychologist specializing in the area of education in different centers and psychology clinics.