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Mª del Carmen González Rivas


Psychologist specialized in family therapy. She works as a trainer in personal development workshops and parenting schools, as well as in socio-educational support programs for children. He has worked as a therapist in individual, couple, and family therapy sessions; also in collaboration with various NGOs. She has participated in dissemination projects in magazines and digital media.

About the author

Psychology Graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2001. Qualified as a General Health Psychologist, collegiate number: EX 00912. Accredited as a family therapist by the Spanish Federation of Family Therapy Associations (FEATF), 2017. Emotional-Sexual Education professor, 2018. Education Leisure and Free Time professor, 2019.

She has worked and carried out various collaborations with social entities such as Próvida-Badajoz and Red Madre Extremadura in psychological care for pregnant women and mothers in situations of particular social vulnerability (2012-2013).

She has been the head psychologist at the Vínculos Family and Psychological Care Center in Badajoz (2009-2018). And she has also collaborated as a co-therapist in individual, couple, and family therapy sessions at the Family Assistance Company (CAF) in Madrid, 2018-2019.

She has collaborated in writing for the Archdiocese of Mérida Badajoz's weekly publication in the column “Escuela de Padres” (School for Parents), 2008-2013, as well as for Grada Magazine.

On the radio, s he has participated in the Psychology and Family Show for Cope Badajoz 2013-2014 as well as for Onda Campus of the UEX, in a micro-spot, "Words for Life" (2017).

Currently, she has started two collaboration projects with the NGO Cooperación Internacional: A school reinforcement program for children who are at social risk in Badajoz and a Mental Health Volunteer program for the School of Health Sciences and Social and Health Care of Extremadura.