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Daniel Baldó Vela


Nurse and university professor. He completed his doctorate in Health Care at the Complutense University of Madrid and works as a professor of Community Nursing I in the Nursing Program at the Alfonso X el Sabio University. He's the director and founder of Plan D, Nutrition and Health, a program focused on promoting wellness through a healthy lifestyle.

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Graduate in Nursing from the University of Valencia in 2014 and a Master's Degree in Training and Sports Nutrition in 2018. Since he arrived to the health world he has participated in numerous courses and congresses related to excess weight, obesity, and the promotion of health.

In December 2018, he participated in the International Sports Exercise and Nutrition Conference, where he presented his work “Prevalence of eating disorders risk among semi-professional team sport players ”. Said work has also been published in abstract form in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, and the original work has been accepted for publication by the prestigious scientific journal Nutrición Hospitalaria.

He's a member of the Official Nursing School of Madrid, the Nutrition and Dietetics Nurses Association's scientific community, and the Spanish Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. In addition, he collaborates as an editor in different media and digital platforms.

Currently, after five years of intense work in the health field, he' s focused on Plan D, a comprehensive health program aimed at promoting health status, combating excess weight and obesity, resolving states of deficiency, and controlling chronic diseases. All this, through a comprehensive approach, a didactic method, and a professional, scientific, and personal approach.

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