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Brigida Higueras Madsen


Psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders and family and couples therapy. Since 2014, she has been working as a clinical psychologist at the Fundación Alcorcón University Hospital. She has worked with various psychology cabinets, among which the Enova Medical Center and the VAIVEN Family Care Center stand out.

About the author

Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Expert in Psychopathology and Health (UNED) and Master in Family and Couples Therapy (ICADE). She received the title of Specialist in Clinical Psychology after completing his residency at the Hospital Universitario de Móstoles and specialized in trauma after passing through the Roberto Clemente Family Guidance Center in New York, USA.

She has extensive teaching experience in the preparation of entrance exams for specialized health training (resident internal psychologist).

Currently, she works at the GATCA Center (Majadahonda, Madrid), serving both the adult and child population. She's an expert in anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, and intervention in both personal and family crises, as well as in mourning processes.

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