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Maria Belen Saura


Psychologist with extensive experience in neuropsychology, clinical psychology, and educational psychology. She has collaborated as a volunteer in mental health programs, the designer of plans for the prevention of substance use in adolescents, a facilitator of workshops on drug addiction, a pedagogical advisor, and as a psychotherapist. She has also participated in congresses and as a disseminator related to her areas of expertise.

About the author

Graduate in Psychology from the National University of Córdoba (2021). She expanded her training through a postgraduate update in Drug Dependence and Addictions (2019) and the Prevention of Problematic Use of Substances (2021) at her alma mater. She also took the course The Role of the Psychological Expert in Judicial Praxis held at the College of Psychologists (2017).

María Belén Saura is a member of the Problematic Consumption Prevention Service and the Neuropsychology Service. She has participated in the IV International Congress of Psychology, the VII National Psychology Congress "Science and Profession" (2020), the XXII Argentine Congress of Neuropsychiatry and Cognitive Neuroscience (2020), and the Vll Congress of Psychology of Tucumán (2021). She brings together experience in the area of neuropsychology, psychopedagogy, and clinical psychology.

She's co-author of Guide for teachers: School prevention of problematic consumption, SEU Faculty of Psychology, UNC (2019). She has worked in the area of health as a facilitator of workshops on the prevention of problematic consumption and in the area of clinical psychology, conducting neuropsychological evaluations of adults with pathological aging. She currently works as an independent clinical psychologist based on cognitive behavioral theory and neuropsychology. She also highlights her work as a volunteer in various mental health and social inclusion programs.