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Leonardo Biolatto


A physician with extensive training and experience in family medicine, child sexual abuse, sexual and reproductive health, health promotion, and social development. He has developed projects aimed at the care of vulnerable populations and has also served as a teacher, medical director, pedagogical assistant, and external reviewer of research articles.

About the author

Graduate in Medicine from the National University of Córdoba (2008). He has a Master's Degree in Health Promotion and Social Development from the Public University of Navarra and the University of Bordeaux (2017).

Likewise, he specializes in Family and Ambulatory Medicine at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires (2012) and is a specialist in Medical Auditing certified by the National Technological University  (2019). He also has a diploma in Education for Health and Integral Development from the Grupo Congreso de Educación  and a Master's Degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health (2019).

He has worked as a primary care physician and has directed public health projects to improve the quality of life among vulnerable populations. In addition, he serves as an external reviewer of indexed scientific publications on topics that address adolescent health, problematic alcohol use, health promotion, and medical evaluation.

He has published scientific articles on sexual and reproductive health and dealing with adolescent alcoholism. He has also taken part in scientific projects carried out by the Mental Health and Addictions Department of Argentina's Ministry of Health.

His favorite hobby is capturing nature through the lens of his camera.