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Isabel Ortega


Psychologist specialized in legal psychology and behavioral sciences. She has been trained through different courses and programs in forensic psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroeducation, and neuropsychology. She worked as a research assistant in Psychology at the University of Surrey and has collaborated as a summer school children's monitor.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Granada (2020). Has a Master's Degree in Research in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Almería (2021) and a Master's Degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology from the University of Granada (2022). She has taken a course in Therapeutic Accompaniment and Family Intervention in Death and Grief Processes at the University of Granada and a course in Forensic Neuropsychology at the University of Almería. In addition, at the University of Murcia, she has taken an applied course in Legal-Forensic Psychology, and from the National University of Distance Education, she has complementary training in sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Since 2020, she has experience in the field of research, specifically with people belonging to specific populations such as the elderly, people in prisons, people belonging to social integration centers, university students, and children from different cultures. Apart from psychology, she enjoys reading, sports, and music.

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