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Leticia Aguilar Iborra


A psychologist specialized in grief and acceptance therapies. She has extensive academic training in psychology and has worked as a volunteer in different organizations and institutions that help patients with chronic diseases. She currently works as a psychologist in her private practice and collaborates with digital media as a writer and editor for mental health and wellness.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Malaga (2014). He has a Master's degree in General Health Psychology from this same university (2017), a Master's degree in Suicidal Behaviors from the Pablo de Olavide University (2018), and a Master's degree in Third Generation Contextual Therapies from the University of Almería (2021). She is also a specialist in Third Generation Therapies by the UAL (2015) and in Palliative Care by the Internet University (2015).

She has experience in caring for the population with chronic illness through volunteer work in different associations, such as the Association of Women Operated for Breast Cancer, the Spanish Association Against Cancer, and the Concordia Anti-AIDS Association. She has also specialized at a theoretical and practical level in grief therapy.

She currently works as a freelance psychologist in the city of Marbella, Spain. She works with patients with anxiety disorders and develops psychotherapy in relation to acceptance and commitment. He also collaborates with digital media in writing and editing articles on mental health.

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