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Laura Fuster Sebastián


General health psychologist specialized in therapies with a cognitive-behavioral approach. She has been director of the TFM in the master's degree in General Health Psychology at the International University of Valencia since 2019. She has worked as a disseminator, university professor, monitor of educational projects, speech therapist, and clinical psychologist. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of psychology.

About the author

Graduate in Psychology from the University of Valencia (2008). She completed her training with a Master's Degree in Research and Advances in Psychopathology and Health from her alma mater (2011), a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Center for Behavior Therapy (2012), and a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology from the UV.

She also has accreditation as a Trainer of Trainers from the European Institute for Trainers of Trainers (2013) and Positive Discipline and Family Education  from the Positive Discipline Association (2017) .

She has been the director of the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychology in Valencia since 2011, where she works in adult, child, and couples therapy. She has worked as a monitor of educational projects, clinical psychologist, teacher, researcher, and as collaborator with social projects. She was a professor of the Clinical Practice Health Care internship program at the Spanish Association of Clinical Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (AEPCCC) and co-director of the Center for Speech Therapy and Psychology of Segorbe.

She's currently the director of the TFM in the General Health Psychology Master's Degree Program at the International University of Valencia, a clinical psychologist with a cognitive-behavioral approach, and a disseminator for various conventional and digital media.