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Cristina Muñoz Morano


Psychologist specialized in coaching and sexology. She has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in her professional practice, during which she has worked as a professional psychologist, an individual, family, and group psychotherapist, a personal growth trainer, a lecturer, and a disseminator. She also collaborates with different media.

About the author

Degree in Psychology from the University of Seville (2006). Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude by the Institute of Education Sciences (2007) and Expert Executive and Personal Coach by the School of Integral Coaching Training (2016).

She also has a degree in Gender Violence from the University of Cádiz (2019) and a Master's Degree in Sexology from Camilo José Cela University (2021).

She has specialized in executive and personal coaching, motivation, and team management. She has extensive experience in training and the empowerment of personal and professional resources.

She's the CEO and founder of POSITIVATE. She has developed her work in the area of mental health as an individual and group psychotherapist.

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