The Adventure of Meeting People Never Ends

The Adventure of Meeting People Never Ends

Last update: 25 September, 2016

An evening with old friends, an adventure to some place that you have dreamed of, and endless nights of partying… After all this, a question arises: are these the people I want to share my life with? If we had not known each other from before, would I have ever become friends with my childhood friend? Or should I meet people so as not to limit myself?

Many of us ask questions like this when we do not feel interested in spending time with certain friends or with our partner. The possibility of meeting new people is an alternative that we should never forget.

We believe that because we shared togetherness and similarities with some people at some point in our lives, we will no longer have to meet more, but one day, you start becoming estranged from people that you thought you knew. They no longer have anything to do with you, with your values, your interests, and your way of contemplating life.

Maybe it is time to look forward and take a risk, because meeting different people can enrich you and broaden your horizons. We do not always have to limit ourselves to our circle of friends; we can always open the borders. 

A walk with various people along the path

There are people with whom we have gone down an entire path. We’ve shared fundamental pieces of our life without which we could not really understand our past. The influence of their actions, their words, and even their gestures have been determining factors for us.

But for one reason or another, some people in our circle can disappear, distance themselves, or simply lose the intensity of the connection that they had with us. It is a fact of life. Changes in our paths are essential and natural.

“For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live.”

Khalil Gibran


So, our circles of people keep changing with the passage of time just like our interests and attitudes. This is why the adventure of meeting people is something that never ends. Just like we ourselves change, the people along our paths also change.

Surround yourself with people who share your values, not just your interests

If you share interests with a series of people, you can spend unforgettable times together, but if there are not values that unite you, your time together will be tedious and spent in vain. This is why you must not limit yourself.

We believe that when we get to a certain age, we cannot meet new or different people anymore, that everything is already organized and planned out by our surroundings. However, there is wrong age to meet new people.

Do not cling to a relationship that is no longer adding anything to your life. Or because you are afraid that they will react to your distance with anger or betrayal. Knowing people who share your values will help you to grow, both inside and out.

Life is so short that our only consolation is sharing unforgettable moments with unforgettable people.

The digital era and relationships

New ways of communicating virtually are a valid instrument for forming relationships, but we do not realize that at the end of many days, when we turn off the computer, we have turned off half of the day. We feel safe, we even interact when we are tired, badly dressed, and that calms us down.

But we are more and more aware that we are letting direct contact and irreplaceable days get away. When I read the old novels, I am astounded to see the crazy ability to spend the entire day in pure communication, even with people who were not to their liking.

We do not have to turn to novels; before the digital era, we went out, and each day was a chance to encounter something new. It is important for us to stop and think about how many days have gone by without anything new, without getting involved in activities, without getting together, simply enjoying nature.

We’ve also become disenchanted with relationships. As much as we may think that virtual relationships are another way to relate to one another, our life is compressed into a single screen and when we turn it off, it ends. Widening our circle with a direct contact is also beneficial. We cannot limit ourselves to meeting people behind the screen.

I want to meet people, I want to return to life, even if it means making mistakes

friends surrounded by flowers

I have gone through strange periods, I was afraid and confused, but I felt alive, and I want to experience this again. I want to get out of this sense of lethargy and enter into another stage in which I feel challenged.

I want to meet people to share my values and interests, my opinions, my happiness, and my sadness. Meeting people helps us to grow and to know the world from different perspectives, and that is what I want.

There are many broken people around the world, waiting for an encounter and a hug to fix all of their broken parts. There are many happy people waiting for more smiles, or sad people who would like to be accompanied so that they can help each other mutually. There are many different people waiting to find others they can get along with.

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