A Word from Past, Present and Future

A Word from Past, Present and Future

Last update: 20 November, 2015

Hey you, the one starting to get grey hair. You, yes you, the one with wrinkles in the most unsuspecting parts of your face. You, the one who hears your body asking you for a truce every morning, who is gaining knowledge and experience, who is still pushed over by the gales of life, who knows that it is necessary to grow and that you wouldn’t let a single second of your life slip away.

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”
Robert Browning

We only realize that we are old once we already are and find ourselves at the point of no return.

I am your Past and I cannot provide much more than always being by your side; I need you so that I can be here and you need me to exist. I am the garden that you planted with seeds that will last: if I scare you, don’t worry, because I will not be repeated, and if I make you happy, you will always love me because I have made something better of your present.

However, maybe you also get sad when I speak to you. Don’t blame me and don’t cry; I tried the best that I could, but by now, you already understand that I am an essential part of life and who you are today.

I am old wars that will not repeat themselves and I just keep building up. Remember that you are making me every second of the day and that you can take advantage of me to be happy when I speak to you again. The Present helps with this. Every second that passes, I am getting better; in addition, when Present and Future go somewhere, I have already gone there and come back many times. My passion is to lend warmth to your youth, telling Future what Present is doing.

I am very fleeting and my name is Present. I hardly know what to say because Past takes all of my actions and ideas away to help Future grow. I can hear you, dance with you, and play you music on my guitar, but you don’t listen to me because you are quite entertained. I come to tell you that nobody is going to help you if you don’t starting helping yourself a bit more first. I am your elixir and I like to build up your youth so that Past and Future can have fun.

I blossom the garden that you planted in the Past, and Present calls me Future. I am a big fan of the stories that Past tells me about Present. They have taught me everything that I know how to do. They’re fantastic!

I can be a source of never-ending energy for Present. I have never spoken to him, but I’ve been told that he’s always thinking about me and Past. It’s time that he started worrying about himself. Present is very important to us, so take good care of him and smother him with love so that he doesn’t stop telling us beautiful stories all the time.

The three of us admire you because you have taught us that living is not just seeing time pass and that the most marvelous adventures are when you fill us with dreams and gain experience. We have also understood that the words that you say aren’t as important as how you say them, that tolerance is the best religion, that there is no eraser in life, and that it is better to think things through before writing them down.

We know that running away from our problems is a race that we are never going to win. This is why we appreciate you, because you confront them and support us. Anyway, we have come to remind you of something that you must not forget, because you regret what you have done and not what you haven’t done, but we know something that you don’t: cowardice makes us much older than time.

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