Take a Risk and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Take a Risk and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Last update: 13 October, 2022

Many times we believe that fate, luck or chance are responsible for what happens to us, but the fact is we are responsible for our destiny. We can change it, we can live in freedom and we can choose between different opportunities that life gives us.

The problem is that changing our lives makes us afraid and makes us feel out of control. In short, we fear leaving our comfort zone. We live by the saying “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”



In 2003, the psychologist Senninger spoke about this by referring to the three areas of learning:

  1. Comfort zone. It is an area in which we are without fear. We are confident in our knowledge about life and about living. Everything turns out to be easy and convenient and there is nothing that scares us.
  2. Learning Zone. Although we do not know this area well, slowly and with experience we can endure it. In this zone we deal with the small challenges that life puts in front of us which we continue to overcome.
  3. Panic zone. None of us like the panic zone. Here we experience fear, distrust, risk, uncertainty, danger…

Perhaps a new love that fills us with joy comes into our life and at the same time, it frightens us because we’re in our comfort zone with a person we’ve been with forever but we’re really not happy. Or a new job scares us for different reasons, but in many ways is probably better than the one we had; however, we had become accustomed to it and we feel comfortable because it doesn’t involve any new challenges.

But what’s wrong with the comfort zone if we’re comfortable? Well, without realizing it, the comfort zone becomes our prison and eventually we may wonder at some point in our lives: What if I had done that thing I was so eager to do but didn’t because I was afraid? Or what if I had decided to choose that job or start a new relationship?

This “what if” often crushes us on the inside. It is good therefore to gradually come out of our comfort zone, and it can be very rewarding.

There is more to life outside of the comfort zone and sometimes, we’re living in a “golden cage” which is still a cage at the end of the day. If we fly away like baby birds leaving the nest, we’ll realize that the world is full of good (and not so good, of course).

We’ll feel more alive and better each day if we break those barriers of fear. Because living in fear, a fear that is sometimes only in our head, can condition us all our lives and not make us as happy as we would like to be.

How can we get out of our comfort zone?

-Learn how to challenge yourself.

-Learn that failures discourage us, but they are also great inspirations and you can learn a lot from them.

-Take pleasure when you start fighting for your dreams and take bigger steps each time.

Face life creatively!

And to begin we give you this song …

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