The Most Beautiful Curve on a Woman Is Her Smile

07 February, 2016
It’s not up to the world to decide how beautiful our curves are. Our beauty doesn’t depend on our weight, on a model-like figure. On whether we have more or less wrinkles or shiny hair. A woman isn’t beautiful based on her shoes, clothes, figure or the amount of followers she might have on the internet. No, the amount of cellulite we have doesn’t determine it either. Nor does our manicure or heels in the latest style.

Not everything that’s small is feminine. Not everything that’s feminine is fragile. In fact, I don’t know anything more feminine than a huge smile outlining a strong, happy gaze. Without any lipstick or blush, because women are actually much more beautiful when they’re natural.

Our beauty depends on the magic that our heart gives off, on what our smile radiates when it’s painted on our face. You know, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You just have to look in the mirror and tell yourself every day.

watercolor- woman smiling

You were born to be real, not to be told how to be “perfect”

“The most beautiful curve on a woman is her smile.”
-Bob Marley-

The impact society has on how we perceive ourselves is reflected in the false expectations we create about our own beauty. In what we allow ourselves to show, and what we strive to keep hidden.

It’s likely we’ve reached such a point of obsession about this that we only feel good when we’re waxed, have make-up on and are well dressed. This is only good if we don’t self-impose and suffer for beauty. In any case, the important thing is to love yourself in order to feel comfortable.

watercolor girl with butterfly

Love yourself, woman!

There is no smarter woman than one who knows how to be respected. There is no woman more beautiful than one who has a huge heart. There is no stronger woman than one who believes in herself. There is no woman more admirable than one who has dignity. There is no woman more elegant than one who is a lady. There is no healthier woman than one who truly knows herself. There is no happier woman than one who knows how to value herself.

Care for the love of your life, the most important one, the one which will never leave you. Care for the love you have for yourself. Because loving yourself will make you beautiful and will write a song in your heart.

Smile when you think of yourself. Love yourself for who you are and not for what others think of you. Realize that what you call flaws are faculties that make you unique.

Remember that you were born to be real, not an invention of society. Don’t wish to be anyone but yourself. If you want the moon, reach out and take it. Because everything you can imagine is closer than you expect.

We agree that the years don’t pass unnoticed for anyone, that the worries we’re subjected to make a dent within us. But, a woman can always be beautiful if she takes care of and smiles at herself.

Keep in a secure place every good thing you can find around you. Be aware of what you contribute to your surroundings. Don’t tell yourself over and over that you need to lose weight, do your hair or makeup. Remember that you need to take care of yourself and that the only way of looking beautiful is smiling.

Maybe we cant ask our skin for the elasticity of youth, but we can demand it from our smile. Give every day the chance to be the best day of your life. Remember this message, because only you can make yourself and the women around you feel beautiful