5 Friends You Should Value For Life

5 Friends You Should Value For Life

Last update: 12 December, 2015

Throughout our lives we ​​meet people that become important to us. As we grow our parents tell us that making new friends is good as well as important. Over time, some of these relationships become an important part of our lives. They stick with us for years and even decades.

Friends become so important that we feel like they are part of our family. Their presence is constant and whenever we need them they are there for us, as we are there for them.

“A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always  be a brother.”
-Demetrius of Falero-


However, as we grow and become adults, we learn that the number of friends is less important than the quality.

Here are the five types of friends you should value for a lifetime:

The fun friend

The one who takes the party wherever they are. That doesn’t mean that you’ll only find them in bars. Their sense of humor is always relaxing and helps you cope with the bad times through good humor and great company.

With this friend you can relax and enjoy life without complications. Their  outlook on life is positive and their positivity is contagious.

The wise friend

Your relationship with this friend is very deep. It’s who you share your problems, insecurities and mistakes with.

You value their friendship because you know they’ll never judge or criticize you. They just listen and give advice which is exactly what you need most of the time. A key is to maintaining this friendship is reciprocity. Do not just tell them your problems. It’s important to listen to what they have to say too.

The friend who takes care of you

“A real friend is one who knows everything about you and continues to be your friend.”
-Kurt D. Cobain-

Who do you turn to when you feel like the world is on your shoulders? If you think about it, you’ll realize you always go to the same person. That friend is willing to lift your spirits at the first sign of sadness when needed. But it is not only that. This person is also the one who you can count on to solve any problem.

They’re willing to spend many hours with you when you’re in the hospital or encourage you to run that marathon that seems impossible.


The determined friend

Those who do not know them may feel frightened by their strong and determined personality. It is exactly that kind of personality that has helped you. This is the kind of friend that saves you often. When you feel ready to throw in the towel, they arrive and encourage you to continue.

It is not the kind of friend that will convince you with their intelligence, but rather the one who will take the journey with you until you reach your goal.

The responsible friend

This kind of friend is one that no matter how long you have not seen them, the relationship is always the same. In case of an emergency, they are the first ones you talk to. Unlike the friend who takes care of you, this friend advances with you every step of the way.

If they cannot be there when you need them, they will seek a way to send you the help you need. But not everything is sunshine and flowers because when you need it they’ll be the ones to put you in your place.

“The bad thing about a friend is that they tell us unpleasant things to our face; the enemy says them behind our backs and since we don’t find out, nothing happens ”
-Alfred of Musset-

Sometimes you’ll have the luck of finding a combination of various types in a single friend. It will be like you’ve won the lottery for life. If you’re not lucky enough to have this variety of friends, do not be discouraged. Remember that people who come into your life come for a reason.

Friends come and go but when you find the right ones, your life becomes much easier. You too must be the type of friend you seek.

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