Sisters Are United by the Heart

Sisters Are United by the Heart

Last update: 18 September, 2016

For sisters, time and distance don’t matter. Those faces that share the same mannerisms and laughs will always look at each other with understanding, perceive what the other doesn’t say out loud, and nurture each other with the invisible bond that lives forever in their hearts.

We all know that sisterhood usually involve a unique and exceptional support system. Siblings are members of the family that will most likely stay with you throughout your entire life. With them, you share your past, your experiences, and an emotional legacy, which is especially unique in sisters.

The bond between sisters can instantly bring up the echo of a childhood filled with arguments over clothing, over hating being the oldest and also hating being the youngest. This bond is nurtured by an everlasting affection that knows no distances and that is always concerned with the other person’s well-being.

According to a study done by the University of Illinois, the relationship between siblings is the first one children will have with an equal. This is essential for parents to always keep in mind.

The interesting thing about the bond between sisters is that it tends to be complicated during childhood, but when they arrive at adulthood, the relationship turns into a wonderful pillar of support and an exceptional partnership.

young sisters

Sisters hover between love and rivalry

It’s important to recognize, first of all, that family relationships are very complex and all have their own characteristics. That is to say, not all sisters enjoy the same positive and enriching bond. Sometimes overcoming these problematic situations starts with one’s own personal healing.

There is a book that delves pretty deeply into this subject. In Brothers and Sisters: Discovering the Psychology of Companionship, psychologist Lara Newton talks about why the relationship between sisters oscillates between rivalry and intense affection.

Let’s look at some factors that can affect the complexity of these relationships:

  • The familial and educational context in which they grow can affect the relationship between sisters (gender stereotypes, preference for one child over the other, etc).
  • Birth order also produces a difference in them in the first few years. There might be jealousy, but the older sister might also have a protective instinct over the younger sister.
  • Growing up with one or more sisters involves going through many cycles where each matures as a woman and learns from one another. In this way, little by little, a bond develops based on understanding, healingand the unquestionable and endless support that they have for each other.
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Emotional support between sisters

The years have passed, and with them the days of secretly reading your sister’s diary, stealing her clothes from her closet, and listening to her conversations on the telephone. And now you can point to the exact place where she lives in your souland you can say out loud how essential she is in your life despite the distance, despite having your own families and projects.

Sisters are born from the same tree, and even though their branches grow in different directions, their roots will always be the same.

Sisters are extremely skilled at providing emotional support. The union between them goes beyond just genes; they’re anchors rooted in a shared history that has woven loyal and lasting ties. All it takes is a look for a sister’s emotional compass to sense disappointment, pain, and hope.

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The bond of sisterhood can  improve your quality of life through its infallible emotional support. They bring you security, they have faith in your abilities, and they remind you of your flaws, which you’ve dragged along with you since childhood and still haven’t changed.

Sisters are also the ones who give the best advice and the wisest warnings that don’t beat around the bush, deceive, or condescend. They want the best for you, and you want that support forever, despite the fact that sometimes you fight and bring up certain things about the past.

As adults, your sister can also provide you with  a new and exciting role: as an uncle or an aunt. This is a time in which that network of feelings and support grows even bigger, which allows you to rediscover the great treasure of having a sister.

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