Strong Children Become Stronger Adults

Strong Children Become Stronger Adults
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Emotions play a determining role when it comes time to transform children into happy and successful adults. However, if the emotional development of a child is interrupted or derailed in some way, that child will suffer a great variety of personal and social problems throughout his or her life.

Being responsible for children’s emotional education is not an easy task. Making a child understand that feelings have as many tonalities as colors, though they might not see them, is something very complicated, to say the least.

mother and daughter on railway

Emotional awareness as a foundation for child strength

Emotional awareness is fundamental to wellbeing. So, we have to be conscious of what’s provoking frustrating and negative or positive and pleasant feelings in order to be able to find the ways to encourage, understand and control them.

It’s important for children to develop emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate effectively about their emotions, in order that they can have a strong sense of inner and social self as adults.

Teaching children to observe, communicate and learn about their emotions will help their development and success in life. In fact, we’ll avoid making them vulnerable to others’ conflicts.

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Suggestions for promoting these skills in children can be found in the book “Emotional Intelligence for Children” by Shapiro Lawrence:

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