The Best Things In Life Come When You're Not Looking for Them

The Best Things In Life Come When You're Not Looking for Them

Last update: 18 April, 2016

The best things in life will knock on your door when you least expect them. Sometimes, the secret to happiness lies not in seeking it but in letting it find you, in being patient and keeping your heart lit up with hope.

Has life ever surprised you with that kind of inexplicable turn of events? Sometimes, we cling to the future that we’ve painted for ourselves in our minds, or to the image of what we want our future partner to look like. But in reality, sometimes all we need to do is just let go.

Be patient, be calm. Because when you least expect it, everything will make sense, and life will start to fit your needs and desires. It’s enough to just let go and remember that the protagonist of your life is always you, and you deserve the best.

It’s not easy to be patient or to convince ourselves that we just have to trust that good things will suddenly start to happen. But it also involves something more: having the right attitude.

Your thoughts give strength to your emotions and transform your reality. If we lock ourselves away and harbor resentment and frustration, it’s very hard to leave a window open for life to be able to flood us with its magic.

Maintain a strong, energetic, and positive attitude that reinforces the idea that you are important, that you deserve to be happy. Practice simplicity, passion for life, and don’t close the door to anything: the best experiences happen by chance.

Life happens every day, so lose yourself in it

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How can we let go so that life can come to us? Does this mean that we don’t have to fight for the things we want or avoid the things we don’t want? Not at all. There are nuances: letting go basically means lettings ourselves live and learning and enjoy all the little details.

Life gives us new opportunities every day. Let yourself be happy again, let the unexpected find you and give you a renewed sense of hope, let it paint happiness on your face, and let your heart shine like a star.

Believe it or not, there are many people who don’t let themselves live, who don’t give themselves the gift of openness, optimism, hope, or the ability to be and make other people happy.

Life isn’t easy at times; it can bring us disappointment, loss, and mistakes. Being stuck in the past closes windows in the present. Minds and hearts with closed windows become poisoned with resentment.

Don’t let your wounds turn you into someone you don’t want to be. If you limit yourself to looking at other people asking yourself how they do it, how they’re able to be happy, it’s just that you don’t know the secret yet: those people accept their past and face the present with optimism.

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The best is yet to come

It’s an attitude, a way of giving life to each day: think that the best is yet to come, but enjoy it as if it already has. According to the approach called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we spend too much time yearning for or regretting the past, while also fantasizing about the future. This all makes us feel somewhat unsatisfied when we think about the present, because it’s not as good.

The best thing to do is let ourselves fully experience the “here and now” and convince ourselves that the best is yet to come, that tomorrow can be good because we allowed ourselves to be happy today, because we’re constructing the present in the right way.

Combat daily dissatisfaction

We know that we can’t be happy every single day, that there are disappointments, but…is it worth it to be permanently dissatisfied, full of bitterness?

You probably know people who surround you with their negativity. Whatever you say to them, you’ll never hear them say a word of encouragement, approval, or hope.

An unsatisfied life is a life lost. If you start to feel overwhelmed by this feeling, dig deep to the root of the problem. Find the reason for your distress and figure out how to manage it and put an end to it.

Don’t seek it, let it find you

Maybe you’ve rambled on more than once about what your ideal job, perfect house, or dream partner would be like. Don’t build up high expectations or get lost in an impossible house of cards. Simply let go and pay attention to the opportunities around you. Be receptive, intuit, and observe. When you least expect it, something or someone will be fixated on you.

Life is so unplanned that happiness appears when you least expect it. Sense it and embrace it with strength, but don’t lose it. You deserve it.

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