A Niece or Nephew Is the Best Gift a Sibling Can Give

A Niece or Nephew Is the Best Gift a Sibling Can Give
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

A niece or nephew is the best gift a sibling can give. Because there’s nothing like being able to hug a childespecially one that is your sibling’s greatest and most magnificent creation.

When you have a niece or nephew, you almost automatically become a kind of superhero. You become someone to look up to from head to toe, someone who has the ability to transmit infinite love through a warm hug or a knowing wink.

A special harmony exists between aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews for many reasons, one being that their love is not subjected to the pressure or responsibility of upbringing. Only aunts and uncles can hug like parents, keep secrets like siblings, and share joy like friends.

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Being rich in love and admiration for the rest of your life

People with nieces and nephews are lucky. They’re lucky because the love that is felt for a niece or nephew transcends boundaries and makes spending time with them delightful.

Exhaustingly delightful, but unique and special all the same. You get the best of both worlds, because you don’t have to spend all your time with them, so when you do, you can dedicate yourself to making them feel like kings and queens, playing endlessly and reinventing the world around them.

And because you’ve become a wonderful role model for them, you’re also a shoulder for them to cry on and a faithful guide to life and emotions. With dedication, time, fun, and effort, your relationship with them will plant the seeds of amazing emotions and feelings.

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The importance of aunts and uncles

Aunts and uncles are very important in families, and it’s essential to be able to nurture and enjoy this relationship from the time that the children are born. An aunt/uncle is a mentor for their nieces and nephews, someone who can show them other points of view in the face of diverse circumstances, someone with whom they can share concerns, jokes, thoughts, and feelings more freely.

Aunts and uncles are experts in sharing their interests with children and inspiring their greatest motivations, as well as advising and guiding them through the complicated times when they might be in conflict with their parents.

While aunts and uncles shouldn’t be equated with friends, they can represent a figure of collaboration, confidentiality, and closeness while at the same time being a flexible and admirable adult.

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Being a great aunt or uncle, getting a child to spontaneously tell you that you are the best aunt or uncle in the world, requires bringing out your inner child. That way, the children can have fun in a more relaxed way, and you’ll be able to share a magical environment with them.

A good aunt/uncle cares for their nieces and nephews, calls them, looks after them, and offers them an opportunity to explore the world, as well as sharing unforgettable moments with them that they’ll look back on with happiness and appreciation.

Being an aunt/uncle is not easy, but it is one of the most fantastic, incredible, and gratifying roles that we can play in our lives. Just like nieces and nephews are the best gift that a sibling can give, aunts and uncles are beautiful emotional legacies for children.

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