I Like People Who Never Disappoint

I Like People Who Never Disappoint

Last update: 09 July, 2016

I adore the people who never disappoint. I like people who stay by my side, who don’t take things out of context, who don’t dramatize, who don’t let me down. I like them because they teach me how to love myself when my fears start to creep up and my weaknesses take control.

I also like them because they’re there during the sunny days and the rainy days. They’ve showed me that they’re always ready for a good hug, that some people are worthwhile, and that there are still things in this world that last.

Some people are beautiful every day of the year. Their beautiful melody lifts us up and smells like home to us, because home is wherever they are.

The other side of the coin

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Of course, there’s another kind of person that surrounds us. These are the people who disappoint us, who cause us to lose our trust in good people, who lead us to believe that honesty, sensitivity, and respect are painfully absent in this crazy world.

These are the people who won’t let us talk and then ask forgiveness for something bad they did. They’re also the ones who distance themselves because they simply don’t care about the relationship anymore. They let misunderstandings turn into emotional earthquakes.

When they’re around, our hearts struggle to beat normally. They make it impossible for us to love without feeling guilty or afraid. But the facade always breaks under its own weight, their masks fall off, and the truth echoes loudly.

Disappointment leaves us feeling stranded, shocks us, and makes us feel naked and defenseless. But thanks to all that, we can assess what’s really worth sacrificing our happiness for.

Understanding through the soul

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There are some people who can understand us just by looking at us, because complicity pierces the soul. The people who give meaning to our lives are the ones we share it with.

With them, it’s harder to hide behind a smile than to explain why we’re sad. With them, we go against the current. They want to save us and look out for us. They want us to succeed, to get motivated, to come out of our shell.

And the feeling is mutual. This is what makes these relationships so meaningful and unique, because they contain a part of ourselves and our pride.

You love the people who never disappoint you because they stand in front of you and look you in the eyes. Because they heal your wounds, because they fill every big achievement and every little detail with love.

Unconditional love

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It’s hard to be vulnerable when we go through a hard time that silences us, opens old wounds, and makes us tremble with fear.

But thanks to that, we know how to recognize unconditional love, immeasurable kindness, humility, honesty, friendliness, respect, and sincere affection. That’s how we know we should distance ourselves from selfishness, bitterness, hypocrisy, and arrogance.

That’s how we keep getting closer to the people who never let us down. We surround ourselves with people who decorate  our obstacles with smiles, who bring energy into our lives.

Choosing who we share our lives with is one of the most beautiful things in the world. There will always be people who add to our lives, and those who take away. There will always be people who contribute to our lives, and those who hold us back. And there will always be those who it’s impossible to separate from, even if they’re hundreds of miles away. They’re the people who never disappoint.

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