The Gift of Good People Is in the Details

April 30, 2016

Little details build entire lives. There are people who don’t perceive them, people who aren’t able to see the effort that others put into making their existence easier, by giving the light to the dark days and by untangling messy situations.

Good people do not wave banners or talk too much about themselves. Sometimes, they make the mistake of neglecting themselves a little and focusing more on other people’s needs. But they don’t even notice. It’s their essence, their way of seeing the world: they give everything to others.

It’s often said that good people give us true happiness. On the other hand, people who are more complicated and two-faced, who tend to bring us grief and sorrow, they offer us something, too: experience. Whether we believe it or not, both are necessary parts of life.

How many good people do you have in your life? Maybe they are a part of your everyday life, and they enrich it with their words and their subtle humility that knows no selfishness.

What’s more, you might also be one of those people who gives light to other people, who wants their loved ones to be happy above all else, who takes great care with every detail, every situation. You seek to paint a smile on your family’s faces, and no…you never ask for anything in return. Because it’s in your nature, because it’s your way of understanding life.

Big hearts are known by the little details

bird heart

It may have been a long time since people have shown you appreciation for these little details that make their hearts happy. However, it’s possible that when you least expect it, somebody will surprise you by doing you an unexpected favor, or by caring about you so sincerely that you feel weird about it.

Sometimes, human kindness leaves us speechless. We can’t do anything more than get excited over the actions of anonymous people who, without wearing wings on their backs, bring bags of fairy dust along with them to sprinkle happiness along our paths.

People say that the best tribute that could be given to good people is to imitate them. However, you might say that not everyone can do it. Not everyone knows how to practice human kindness. So then the real question about the matter is, are good people born, or are they made?

Since neuroscience became popular, there have been many different voices who defend the idea that humans have an innate tendency towards kindness. It’s something that’s ingrained in our biology.

But early experiences, parenting styles, social and educational context, and subsequent experiences can transform our innate kindness over time.

There mere act of giving, offering, helping, and caring, should be in itself an act capable of offering happiness and inner balance. Nevertheless, there aren’t many people who come to acquire this ability.

The art of kindness is an exercise in empathy

Good people aren’t even aware of the ability to empathize that they have in common with other people. They feel the pains of the world and internalize them as their own, and from there, they seek every day to achieve external balance so they can feel okay with themselves.

Their kindness is altruistic and is offered for nothing in return. For them, time doesn’t exist, they relegate their own priorities, and they are not distant, demanding, or reproachful.

woman and child

Humility, where the details are important

Whoever is born with a humble heart knows very well the greatness that’s hidden behind details. They know that a gesture, a touch, a few words of encouragementand being a good listener does much more than any material goods.

Don’t accumulate or be attached to material things. Surround yourself with good people who make your world magical, and if you can’t find them, become one of them.

Good people can also get tired of being good

Indeed, if throughout your life you’ve practiced the wonderful art of opening your heart to others, concerning yourself with doing what’s best for those around you every day, it’s possible that at some point you’ve reached your limit. It will come, of course, because even though good people don’t want anything in returnthey should still be recognized. Why?

  • Whoever is not recognized is not valued.
  • Whoever is not valued enters into the abyss of “nonexistence.”
  • Sometimes, others can start to get used to your good actions. They take them for granted and pleas for help turn into demands.
  • Whoever doesn’t receive validation for their efforts will end up unraveling like a cloth that can’t give any more of itself. And it won’t matter how strong or beautiful they are, because even good people can end up breaking.

Don’t let that happen. Take care of the good people around you like your most prized possessions. Take care of yourself, and never hesitate to set limits or make the mistake of thinking that saying “no” or “enough” keeps you from being a noble soul.

fairy and elephant

Images courtesy of Lucy Cambell, Aidan Heune, Marion K.