Heal Your Body and Your Soul Will Follow

26 April, 2016

Our body and soul are united. If your soul hurts, your body will hurt and vice versa. If you’re tired and bored, you’ll lack motivation, joy will disappear and you’ll slowly fade away. Your body influences your mood, and your mood influences your body.

Throughout our lives, there are situations and people that hurt us physically or mentally, but if we’re not capable of healing, the pain will persist and won’t allow us to live a full and satisfactory life. Learn to heal your body and soul.

“Our body is merely a projection of the mind, and the mind is no more than a poor reflection of our radiant heart.”

-Ramana Maharshi-
girl held up by butterflies

Life can sometimes hurt us in a thousand ways, but with the passage of time it caresses our wounds until they heal. Though some small scars may remain, we should watch over them so no new pain will emerge. There are many things we can do to heal our body and mind. Here are some ideas:

Create your own reality

Quantum physics is based on the belief that a person’s perception can create real changes in their lived experience, as well as the premise that the universe is made of energy and that our energetic vibration is influenced by our thoughts.

When a person directs their attention to something, that thing is created by thought processes in the mind. And when a person stops focusing their attention on that thing, the energy “undoes” that object, in order to once again be energy with the potential of transforming in something else. Therefore, quantum physics affirms that only if we recognize that something exists will that something enter into existence.

The law of attraction is the basis for someone to create their own reality. The majority of people create their own reality unconsciously, while a conscious creator will try to change their reality in a creative way.

Try the placebo effect

The placebo effect is not a suggestion, it doesn’t consist of thinking you’re going to get better. It’s a curative attitude, because by believing you’re healing, natural analgesics will be released and negative neuronal patterns will be altered, blood pressure will be reduced and the immune system activated.

“The secret to being healthy is moving the body and resting the mind.”
-Vincent Voiture-


The definition of meditation is complicated, because it involves an abstract concept that can have religious connotations for some people. For others it can be an intellectual method to calm our interior and achieve more creative and emotionally positive states. Everyone seeks a different objective in meditation:

  • Mental rest
  • Calming the mind to free it from its daily worries 
  • Creativity
  • Clearing the mind to make it more creative 
  • Health
  • Stimulating the immune system and self-healing mechanisms
  • Relaxation
  • Liberating stress and anxiety and remaining in a state of tranquility 
girl meditating

Explore your passion and pleasure

In life, we have learned to replace what we feel passionate about with other tasks we feel are obligatory, because we decide we don’t have the time. We leave behind our passions and pleasures, depriving our souls of nourishment.

Every day we should find a moment to do something that we’re passionate about and which produces pleasure within us. You can start by making a list of five things that you love, which you really like to do and enjoy: go to the movies, ride a bike, taking photographs, writing, reading. Dedicate some time each day to something that provides you with pleasure. It feels good, and it’s all about prioritizing the enrichment of your soul.

Explore your emotions

Many times we repress what we feel. We bury it in the deepest corner of our being, and don’t let it out. Explore your mind and be aware of the emotions you’re hiding due to fear, shame or any other reason.

Once you identify them, let them out. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to talk to someone, look for someone who knows how to listen to you. The important thing is for you to free yourself of that emotion, that feeling that doesn’t let you move forward. Learn to not keep quiet, to say what you think, to not repress what you feel. Be yourself, don’t hide. Hug your own inner beauty and take care of your soul.

“The mind is like a parachute. It only works if it’s open.” 
-Albert Einstein-

Move your body

Doing physical exercise regularly has been proven as an effective way to avoid diseases and maintain good health. Doing sports promotes general well-being by improving self-esteem, optimism and mental agility. All physical activities should be practiced progressively according to your individual capacities.