3 Ways the Plant of Love Wilts

3 Ways the Plant of Love Wilts

Last update: 27 January, 2017

Starting a relationship involves adrenaline, emotions are skin-deep and we love everything about the other person. But time passes and each one may begin to adopt a role different than expected by the other person in the relationship. Everything isn’t as nice as it was when it started and without either one realizing that the plant of love may begin to shrivel.

Love is like a plant that should be watered every day. If you don’t give it enough water, it simply dries and withers. Conversely, if you give the plant of love too much water, the roots will rot and the plant will also eventually end up dying. So in a relationship, it is so important to find that state in which love is in balance with freedom.

There are some ways in which the plant of love can wither and you don’t even realize it. Trust your intuitions and look at the signs to assess whether it’s necessary to make a more radical change or, on the contrary, enjoy a healthy and balanced love.

“Age does not protect love. But love protects against age.”

-Jeanne Moreau-

Feeding negativity

A stressful job, not having time to go grocery shopping, a surly neighbor or a broken fridge. If we don’t balance them with positivity, we will we become very negative. And negativity can move to many areas, including our partner.

wrong partner

Dumping all your negative thoughts onto your partner is emotionally burdening them with a weight that does not belong to them. Negativity does not disappear. It goes into an emotional backpack that can weigh so much that, in the end, it breaks your back. Complaints only suffocate the soul of the person who speaks of them and the person that listens. That is why instead of complaining so much, why don’t we focus on solving problems?

A negative attitude at certain times is not a dangerous threat to the couple. But when every day is dark and it becomes a way of life, then certainly the plant of love will begin to wither.

Putting other things before the couple

Life can be stressful enough: children, friends, work, hobbies, studying… everything seems to be put ahead of finding time for the couple to enjoy. Can you imagine your partner putting something before you and not finding time to spend with you? The couple breaks up because no partner can deal with constantly being the second option.

Putting the person with whom you share your life with first, making them feel important and being able to count on their opinion are three of the best kinds of nourishment for love.

dancing couple 1

“True love is not self-love, it is what makes the lover open up to others and to life; he does not pester, does not isolate, does not reject, does not pursue: only accepts.”

-Antonio Gala-

Letting the passion go out

While it is true that in a couple honest communication is essential, it is also true that passion is an essential ingredient for a relationship to continue on track and an occasional mystery every once in a while doesn’t hurt.

Both men and women want and need physical affection from their partners. If this intimacy is constantly rejected, a breakup is imminent. Sex is a wonderful time to bring a couple together and enhance their emotional link to the maximum.

couple kiss

Some days there is no time or you are too tired, but it is important to water the plant of love which is also done with the water of passion. Sex and love must go hand in hand to make a relationship work!

If you are in a stable relationship, you may be surprised and even feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of loving and caring for yourself and another person. Much of the well-being and happiness of your partner is determined by your choices and actions. That is why it is important to be aware that the little things in the couple are what achieve great results.

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