Friends Who Hug Tight and Breathe Through Life With Us

Friends Who Hug Tight and Breathe Through Life With Us
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

I do not know how they came to me. I only know that they did it all at once and when I least expected for them to make me feel so lucky to have them by my side. They got close to me and waited as long as necessary not to ever leave again.

And I also do not know what kind of friends other people may have, but now I can say that I know about friends who hug tight so that the world breathes with me. For this reason, if this has ever happened to you, too, I advise that you hang on to those people in your life, because I am sure that they deserve everything.

“Escape. From everything and everyone. And when you think that you are far enough, think about who you would like to have there with you. This is how I know who is important in my life.”


Boy Kissing Girl on Cheek

My friends have taught me many things without even knowing it, and maybe one of the most important things is that thanks to them, I have realized that giving things a chance to sort themselves out with time can be your best choice.

For example, I am referring to some points in our lives when all the disappointments force us to shut down and make us think that the rest of the world might be like the people who have hurt us. It is then that your friends will be there to show you that you are wrong.

They will show you that the best people that can be in your life will be those who sincerely want to stay by your side. Your friends will be there, no matter what happens, without judging you, simply respecting everything you decide to do. They will be your shoulder to cry on during the bad days and the strong shove in the back when you’re moving too slowly.

I owe my friends half of who I am: for letting me grow and for completing my growth. In those key moments in my life, especially in the bad ones, they were my smile.

We all know that the sun will always rise, but we appreciate it more when it has rained beforehand. The same thing happens with people. My friends showed up in time to be the sun when it was raining the hardest and I know that I will never forget that, even if they do.

Surely you too have had that feeling of knowing that no matter what happens, there will be someone by your side who will know how to make you laugh. It does not matter how much time or distance there may be between you: near or far, that person always walks by your side wherever you go and will always do anything possible to brighten up your day.

“Sometimes it only takes 56 seconds of face-to-face interaction to bright the day of someone who is miles away. And we all have 56 seconds to spare.”


Three Friends and Dog Walking

Because you hug me and I am myself again

I cannot lose them. They are my true friends: they celebrate my happiness, they overcome sadness with me, they listen whenever I do not want to talk, and they talk whenever I do not want to listen to myself.

They give me advice at the most opportune times, they teach me to see the good side of things and to look at them from another perspective. They are the friend I need when I want to do something unforgettable, when the cold is too cold, or when I just want to enjoy life.

Your life is more of a life when your friends hug you. We become ourselves again when we have lost ourselves and someone like them tells us: “you are you, you keep being you.” Only with them can we breathe and only thanks to them is there always some reason to keep enjoying our daily lives.

“What I like about when two people selflessly help one another is the uncertainty of not knowing in the end who was lucky to know whom.”


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