A Woman’s Heart Is The Strongest Place In the World

A Woman’s Heart Is The Strongest Place In the World
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Whoever said that a woman’s heart is weak was wrong. Few things beat with as much force as the soul of a woman who loves her family and friends. Emotions, balance, and intuition fit inside her many doors, setting up the most powerful palace in nature.

It is an immense space where everyone fits, where everyone is taken care of. A woman’s heart is loyal to its principles and its values. It has fought through so many scenarios that it keeps its victories to itself and its disappointments as paths taken, ones from which lessons can always be learned.

Sometimes, a woman’s heart breathes with one scar or another, but it does not get smaller or weaker as a result of this. She knows that life hurts sometimes, that letdowns happen… and even so, she keeps gaining more and more resilience as a result of the pain from these experiences.

We live in a society where those qualities associated with masculinity tend to be valued very often, like being able to show dominance, power, security, or the most logical reasoning imaginable. In reality, these are concepts that aren’t “masculine,” per se, but rather characteristics of modernity itself.

On the other hand, and in an almost traditional way, those other aspects that are often associated with the feminine character have always been left in the background, as if they were in some way associated with “weakness”: intuition, emotions, sensitivity , empathy…

Confusing these characteristics with human fragility is a serious mistake. A woman’s heart is built upon these pillars, and this is a clear example of the most unfaltering strength. We invite you to discover it.

Only you know the battles that you have put an end to

Woman with Dove and Eagle

What a woman has gone through and had to take on through her life is something that only she knows. And many of those things, she prefers to keep quiet about, to keep them to herself because they are chapters that she has had to go through silently in order to build up her own life.

Nobody can change the people that bring us to this world. We also cannot change who we meet along our paths, nor even change our own world, but we there is one thing that you can do, and that is create yourself. Accepting, letting go, and getting back up with the pride of a thousand armies.

Each battle that you live through can build up your own strength and teach you what paths you have to go down and which you must not, because from these high points in life, your womanly heart has already become wise. And being wise sometimes implies storing up many letdowns, but at the same time remembering that without pain, life would not be the same.

All the wounds that you have healed

There are those who let themselves be defeated. There are those who give in to those unsuccessful relationships, and who become quiet and let themselves be carried away by a fear to react. By a fear of being alone or maybe finding something worse for themselves. A strong woman’s heart is also courageous. It has known how to break all of those ties that once did them harm, it has known that sometimes, there comes a moment when she has to give herself the top priority.

Being strong does not mean having muscles or reacting with brute force. Being strong also does not mean closing one’s eyes and acting like nothing happened. It implies knowing how to be with oneself and knowing what is needed. It is being able to sustain oneself and start living again.

Woman with Butterfly over Heart

A woman’s heart is not afraid to get into touch with her essence

Your essence is what gives you strength and what forms your heart: emotions, intuition, empathy… You know how to listen to that voice inside your head that both connects with far-away things and also unites you with the wounds of the world.

You know how to read the expressions of others, you can anticipate reactions, intuit sadness, and become infected with their happiness. And from there, there is no lack of people who tell you that you are a bit of a sorceress, but you smile silently because you know “that you do not know everything,” that life is learning, and that what guides you is loyalty and love for those around you.

The lives of your loved ones fit in your heart

Whoever says that everyone fits in a woman’s heart is wrong. You have come to a moment in your life where you know very well who deserves to be left out, and who deserves to be let in.

Today your heart beats calmly because you have left behind those people who hurt you. Nobody is selfish for closing the doors of their heart to someone who has done nothing to deserve to stay there. That is wisdom, that is prudence, and it is above all else caring for oneself.

And in fact, within your wise soul dwell the people whom you love the most and who have given a sense to your life. Your heart is the best place for a child to grow, it is the best place to share with that companion that deserves it so much…

But a woman’s heart also deserves a great space for itself. To care for herself, heal herself, to be free and happy with herself. With what she is and what she has achieved…

Woman and Child with Bird

Images courtesy of Claudia Tremblay, Lucy Campbell

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