How to Nail a Group Interview

The key to succeeding in a group interview is preparation. Being familiar with the company’s philosophy, practicing a role and stepping into it, brainstorming, and controlling your emotions will make you stand out above the rest.
How to Nail a Group Interview
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Group interviews are quite common nowadays, which is why you should prepare for them. This way, you’ll be able to highlight your potential and stand out above the rest.

Looking for a job is as tiring as it is stressful. Job interviews are a big part of this process. In this regard, there are people who know how to face group interviews head on. However, others are anxious in these situations because they don’t know what to expect.

Our advice is to be yourself. Stand out but don’t overdo it, be confident and charismatic and, above all, be natural. After all, each one of us has a lot more to offer than what we put in our resume. We’re a lot more than our college education, certificates, and work experiences.

Being prepared will help you nail a job interview.

A person standing out in a group interview.

How to nail a group interview

Group interviews haven’t displaced one-on-one interviews yet. However, they’ve become quite popular due to various reasons. First of all, they help recruiters see how someone behaves in a team. This helps them evaluate how a candidate reacts in various situations, communication, leadership, creativity, and interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

We must add another variable to the mix: companies want to save resources, especially time. Group interviews specifically allow them to place candidates in real life situations and evaluate them in a short amount of time.

More and more companies are using these kinds of interviews nowadays, which is why it’s important to know the different types that exist:

Types of group interviews

Forum group interviews

The group has to prepare a presentation on a specific topic. It’s a dynamic where various skills such as verbal and nonverbal communication can be evaluated.

Debate interviews

A candidate has to choose a specific side they’ll have to defend in front of the rest of the group.

Brainstorming interviews

This dynamic is interesting and very useful. Each applicant must provide ideas, approaches, solutions, and useful concepts about each subject brought up by the interviewer.

Panel interviews

Each participant must defend and show how they would solve a problem or develop an idea by presenting it from different perspectives. Creativity is very valued here.

Role-playing interviews

In this kind of group interview, the interviewer will bring up a hypothetical scenario and ask you to come up with a strategy to solve it.

In-basket exercise

The applicant has to face the most common situations they’ll have to deal with if they get the job. This dynamic takes into account the technical aspects of a job.

Basic keys to nailing a group interview


Although emotional and psychological preparation are key, it’s also important to know everything you can about the position you aspire to and the company that’s hiring.

  • The company’s website will give you an idea of its policies and philosophy. You can also look at the profiles of the workers who currently work at the organization. This will help you make a list of possible questions they might ask you and prepare some answers.
  • Modify your resume by taking the position you aspire to into account.
  • Your appearance is very important. Have a formal, comfortable image and wear clothes that fit well and also fit the image of the company you’re applying to.
  • Arrive at least ten minutes before the interview.


  • Prepare a brief introduction about yourself.
  • It’s important to be polite to the rest of the candidates. Greet them, shake hands, and be attentive to each one of them.
  • Speak clearly and confidently. Respond, but also ask questions.
A person about to climb the corporate ladder.

How to behave during a group interview

Confidence and openness are essential during a group interview. Also, avoid interrupting other candidates, not taking them into consideration, bullying them, and trying to be the center of attention.

  • Try to make original contributions.
  • Show contagious enthusiasm that evokes the mental image that you already got the job.
  • You should have some questions for the interviewer and show interest in the company’s goals.


You should mentally prepare yourself for a group interview. Control your anxiety and prepare for the many things we discussed here. Having exceptional technical skills is often not enough, as communication and emotional intelligence are highly valued in these scenarios.

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