5 habits to enhance your charisma

5 habits to enhance your charisma

Last update: 15 August, 2019

Do you have any habits in your daily routine that enhance your charisma? As Paul Rand said, “how something is done or presented is often more important than what it is.” That is to say that sometimes it is more important the ways or circumstances in which you do something than what the something is. We see it, for example, in many people who play sports: they feel more attracted by the atmosphere of the group than by the sport itself.

On the other hand, we have all attended a presentation in which the speaker did not give much information and we loved it, and another in which where a lot of information was conveyed and we disliked it.

Charisma is a kind of gift that some people have developed and that makes them very attractive to other. They may not be beautiful or smart, but they have a kind of halo that gives a special ambiance to what they do. They have a very personal signature and that signature works very well in the framework of social relations. This is a quality that they possess and because of this, anyone can work on gaining this quality or strengthening it.

“Charisma: a gift that is found in the most unsuspected (charismatic) subjects.”

-Adolfo Bioy Casares-

5 habits to enhance your charisma

It is evident that charisma is a very valuable element. For social and work relations, your personality matters. With a winning personality, your simple presence can make you a winner. However, being charismatic is not always easy because it is not easy to talk and connect with other people. However, there are ways to improve this, thanks to healthy habits.

Eat and sleep well

We do not always remember how important it is to sleep and eat well. Undoubtedly,  by taking care of these two aspects of our lives, we can increase our ability to achieve and maintain high levels of energy. Otherwise, we will be feel tired and fatigued.

Sleep can help your charisma.

When we are tired, we tend to adopt passive attitudes. We aren’t our best physically nor psychologically when we are feeling fatigue. This means that our nonverbal language suffers and is less expressive. This leads to a poorer management of relationships and we are less willing to take social risks. We end up adopting a “low profile”.

Achieving a healthy routine, in which our main needs are met, is essential to be 100% every day. If we have enough energy, relationships with others will be much more fluid. These can become powerful habits to enhance your charisma.  Don’t forget about the basics.

Hands free communication

Communication is not limited to words alone. Our non-verbal language says a lot about each one of us. This is not limited to head movements or to saying monosyllabic word from time to time so that our conversation partner knows that we are listening. Hence, hands free communication is so important.

If we keep our hands in our pockets or simply cross our arms, we are demonstrating a passive or defensive attitude. As some experts say, we have fallen into “the trap,” since these are not gestures that tend to increase our charisma.

That is why good habits to enhance your charisma include having your hands free to gesture and aid your verbal speech. This way we will have more possibilities to get more out of our non-verbal communication.

Eye contact

We are going to talk about another habit that can make our charisma shine, eye contact. This means that it is essential that you look at your listener’s eyes. Based on this foundation, you can build fluid communication.

However, it is not necessary to look obsessively in the eyes of our listeners. If we do that, we’ll end up looking nervous. You also can’t avoid looking and end up with your eyes on the floor, looking at their chest or from the side to side. You have to look for a natural balance of eye contact in a non-conscious way.

Eye contact can make you more charismatic.

Inner wealth

It can be said that having charisma is something similar knowing how to express our personality in an accurate way, modulating intelligently the traits that we present according to the circumstances. It is not about trying to be someone we’re not, but about adapting our attitude to the situation we are in.

On the other hand, this know-how of how to adapt is often given to us by knowledge we gain, both internally and externally. We all have a wealth of knowledge that resides within us and that knowledge turns into skills when we use it. One way to develop our charisma is to develop a powerful inner world, a unique philosophy of life. With this cultural and personal background, it is much easier to connect with people of all kinds.


The always present empathy reappears, always so useful and necessary. It’s as simple as knowing your listener and knowing what excites him or her. If you manage to enter a field that you know interests the other person, and you care about their welfare and what interests them, it will be much easier to connect.

Thanks to empathy at work, contacts and relationships can be maintained for both parties. Because of this the conversations will be more fluid and close, and there will be no monologues, but instead exchanges of opinions.

“The reason and the secret of our success, honey? My charisma, of course. “

-Freddy Mercury-

Empathy can make you more charismatic.

You see that, with these simple keys, you have resources, ideas and habits in the palm of your hand to enhance your charisma, so that your social relationships can grow a lot. If your charisma doesn’t come out naturally, don’t worry, with some practice you’ll be able to work on being charismatic.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.