Understanding My Vulnerability Helped Me Move Forward

· February 24, 2016

Vulnerability is what makes us unique, human. When we acknowledge our weaknesseswe accept the human condition.

However, we often try to hide everything that makes us feel weak because we don’t want to acknowledge it, and this makes us come off as a little less authentic to other people. When we cover up everything that we are, we end up deceiving ourselves, denying our essence, and losing connection with other people.

In our culture, there’s a model of behavior that tells us to hide our weaknesses, but also to look like and tell ourselves that we are the best.

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What does it mean to have to be the best?

When we perform our daily roles, both in our professional and personal lives, we always say that we should do whatever it takes to be the best.

Many people live under the fantasy that they have to be the best in whatever they consider to be important.

Reality puts us all in our place, shedding light on our limitationsour difficulties. We live through circumstances that are constantly changing and that we can’t control.

And so life throws punches at us, and we’re forced to stop and think. A better approach would be to not try to be the best at one thing or another, because that will just lead to competitiveness and comparing ourselves with other people.

This drives us to the extreme of demanding too much of ourselves, without thinking at all about ourselves or the learning process that we should be going through.

We even lose perspective on our top priorities in life. We start to disconnect from
ourselves; we don’t know what we want or where we’re going.

Accepting our vulnerability

Accepting our vulnerability and that of other people takes a lot of courage, as it involves accepting ourselves the way we are, with all of our wounds, unresolved issues, and mistakes.

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This all starts a process of true personal development in which we love ourselves unconditionally and achieve a state of well-being and peace.

We can start this process through certain approaches that help us move forward and acknowledge our condition as human beings:

  • We live under conditions and circumstances that we often can’t control.
  • It’s within our own power to do things the best we can, discovering and strengthening our potential.
  • Consider that every person has their own rhythms, contexts, circumstances, difficulties, priorities, etc.
  • Giving the best of yourself is the best way to progress, as you grow and overcome your own weaknesses.
  • When we accept our limitations without criticizing ourselves, we’re able to understand ourselves better, and our attitude will become more compassionate and honest.
  • We can only overcome our limitations when we acknowledge them.

Showing authenticity

As we move towards accepting our vulnerability, we get to know ourselves. That’s how we access our authenticity and in turn are able to connect with other people.

When we accept our difficulties, without being afraid of rejection, without being afraid of looking weak, we remove the masks that we usually wear, the ones that keep our relationships superficial.

It’s then that we get closer to realityas we’re more able to maintain honest and authentic relationships.

“Accepting our vulnerability instead of trying to hide it is the best way to adapt to reality.”

-David Viscott-

Accepting our vulnerability makes us more human because we admit our imperfections, and as a consequence, become okay with the imperfections of other people.

We remove our arrogance and sense of superiority. We stop feeling as though we’re above other people, which is quite pretentious, wanting to be the best and becoming blinded by it.

We overcome our fears and limitations through this acceptance, showing ourselves the way we are, and being the best versions of ourselves.

In this video, researcher Brene Brown offers us a powerful talk about vulnerability, and the vital importance it has for us to advance as human beings.