In Life Everything Passes and Everything Changes

In Life Everything Passes and Everything Changes

Last update: 11 February, 2016

At first we are like anxious children. We want everything to come as soon as possible, we dream of devouring our experiences and squeezing out everything life has to give. Later arrive the triumphs, disappointments, and roadblocks …But that’s life: advancing, assuming changes and being humble in everything during our wonderful life journey.

Who hasn’t ever wanted something to come as soon as possible? And who hasn’t wished at some point that a moment was eternal, that time stopped as still as the rocks that stand firm in the ocean?

It doesn’t matter because the good times will always be printed in our memory. Man, so to speak, is made of memories and we spend much of the day evoking good and bad moments.

Admitting that our lives pass a little more by the day and there is no one to stop us from advancing in our steps is certainly something that frightens us and makes us think. However, do not be afraid of that road, of that advance.

We are all brief tenants in this imperfect world filled with wonderful things. Do not be afraid of  the years, but of an unlived life, years of empty holes of emotions, of why not’s, and also of the failures that were never experienced. Those are the things we learn from.

Let us reflect briefly today on the progress of our existence and let’s talk about these permanent aspects that we should cherish each day to lead a fuller life.

In life everything changes, except the essence

Indeed, we could say that in life everything comes, everything passes and everything changes. However, there are some elements that must be fixed points in our particular micro-universe:


Your self-esteem, your need to learn and to be excited

Love, respect, dignity and our need to cultivate personal growth, must be essential pillars in your day to day life. Weather-vanes that guide your path with strength and fortitude, whatever the situation.

There are times in this extensive life adventure that we decline many of these aspects in favor of others. There are those who prioritize their partners to such an extent that they forget about themselves.

And while everything is justifiable if the feelings are intense, you have to know how to maintain a balance. By offering ourselves to others to the point of forgetting our needs, we will sooner or later cause ourselves  frustration , and therefore cannot move forward.

When you lose your ability to be excited, when your days are clinging to worry or dissatisfaction, your life has stopped advancing. The weight that you accumulate roots you to suffering. Breathe, don’t worry about the fact that everything is rooted and break the chains that you feel necessary…

You may also think that another aspect that should not change throughout our lives are values. Well, no doubt there will be those basic schemes that we will never break such as respect for oneself and others, honesty, courage…

However, within this life advancement, we all make small changes in our personality and even in our scale of values ​​according to our experiences. And it will certainly be for good because it is part of the learning and growth process.

Do not be afraid of change, it is the anchor that we break in order to advance with a little more wisdom as a result of our experiences.


The love that transcends us

The love we feel for what belongs to us: for our family, our spouse or our children, are also fixed points in our vital essence.

But love is not a stable entity in time. Love also transforms and adapts. An example of this is our own romantic relationship.

Partners must adapt to life changes that emerge over time: changing jobs, the arrival of children, balancing individual growth with the growth of one’s partner.

These are all moments that will require our dedication, wisdom and ability to move forward, being two people in the same unit. We share those same roots nourished by love, but raise our personal branches to keep growing personally.

Keys to embrace change wisely



  • You are the priority, the protagonist of your life and you are important in your world. Do not cling to fear or indecision because in the long term it will cause frustration as well as regret for a life unlived.
  • Never stop caring for theinner child.” You must get excited about yourself and about your life. Be spontaneous based on all the wisdom you have acquired. Enjoy the simple things; love, experience and dare yourself.
  • Do not affix yourself to past mistakes or feed into your nostalgia. Life awaits no one who stops at their own darkness. Life looks for light and its own freedom. Allow yourself to grow with it, with optimism, with enthusiasm and simplicity.

Image Courtesy: Cha Wakan

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